Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Week in the Life, Day 2

Today was a bit harder for me, since it was mostly a repeat of yesterday but I tried my best.

I started off my day, snuggling in bed listening to podfic and playing sudoku.

When I got up I did a little bit of podfic editing, but mostly I read through posts at icecreamhdaches, getting caught up (well, more caught up than I was, I'm still way behind) on some of the FOB interviews and info I had fallen behind on.

Then I made lunch, not the healthiest, but I was in a hurry because I recorded another [community profile] theatripod scene, this time with lizbit.

After the [community profile] theatripod recording, I decided I'd record a story I've been wanting to since I read it, The Problem I Want to Have by [personal profile] melusina (this is my more typical podfic recording set up, rather than the crowded mess I showed yesterday)

And that was basically my day: bumming around the house, doing podfic/fandom things. So, in order to post more pictures, here are some random things that are around my house.

This is the mirror that my dad made me for Christmas ♥

And the Castiel angel that kronos999 made for Christmas one year, but we've never had a tree to put it on, so he lives by the phone.

And this Don't Blink angel lives on a side table.

And this is the beaver that lives in our living room. He guards our booze (which live in a bag behind him). Originally, kronos999 bought this guy as a gag gift for her father, but he's now part of our living room. It's kind of amusing when people occasionally freak out seeing him.

And here are some magnets I bought in NYC on one of my trips to visit raxhel

Tags: meme, pics, random, rl

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