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Week in the Life, Day 1

So a couple people on my flist are did this meme, even more did it last year, but I wasn't able to participate due to life but I wanted to try and do it this year. I don't know how good I'll be at doing it every day for the whole week, since I've been meaning to start doing it for a couple days now and today is the first day I actually did it. But we'll see.

I slept in pretty late today, but almost as soon as I got up, I went to my desktop computer to work on podfic things. I ended up spending more time crossposting, tweeting, emailing and chatting with [personal profile] klb about podfic than actual editing though. I also snacked on some khatta meetha later on in the morning, which is what is propped up by the monitor.

I had no idea what to make for lunch. I'm at that place where I don't have any leftovers, but am too lazy to make something big that'll give me leftovers. In the end I decided to make myself a pizza but I didn't really have anything to put on it, so I made guacamole and put that on under the cheese. I wasn't sure how it was going to work out but it was ok, nothing amazing, but ok.

One of the emails I sent this morning was to [personal profile] argentumlupine to arrange for us to record one of our scenes for [community profile] theatripod. We agreed to get on Skype at 3pm. This is my prepping to record. I find having tea and ice water does my throat well while recording. I had brought my tea bags and honey to work so just bought some new Lady Grey only when I opened it, I realized it was loose instead of in a bag. Cue improvising with the strainer. I also had to borrow my roommate's honey, which was pretty crystalline.

And here's my recording room after Skyping with [personal profile] argentumlupine. Things were getting a little crowded in there. Normally I just record on my little mic (the one lying on it's side by the spoon) and read off my tablet or ipod, but since today I was Skyping, I brought my laptop down (which I set on the floor to avoid fan noises while recording) and borrowed [profile] kronos999 Yeti mic because it's a USB mic and mine is not.

When I went back upstairs to my room after recording (and then chatting with my roommate [personal profile] diurnal_lee about hypothetical moralities and my emotional stability if I were turned into a zombie and/or vampire - this is a typical kind of conversation in our household) I noticed it was beginning to get dark out and yesterday one of my bedside lamps had its bulb burn out. So I replaced it.

Today was a pajama day. Since I basically stayed in to work on podfic things, the most I got dressed was to put a bra on under my PJs (I find it uncomfortable to be up and about without one). I tend to wear my pajamas a lot when I'm at home, but they don't have any pockets, so I've gotten into the habit of using my bra/cleavage to store things while I'm wandering around the house. It's a little ridiculous and sometimes I do it even when I do have pockets. Which is possibly weird, but whatever. Hear is a picture of my boob purse. My Blackberry is sticking out on the left, that's a USB multi-card reader (which holds my unedited podfic) in my cleavage and normally my ipod would be on the other side, but that's what I used to take this pictures. There's also a lot of my bra showing, because it covers more of my boobs than my PJs do. *shrugs*

Before making dinner, [personal profile] diurnal_lee and I cleaned out our fridge. There are no before or during pictures, which is really for the best, but here's an after picture.

And, last picture for today, here is my dinner. I had some rosemary bread and ramen noodles.

Wow, that's the first non-podfic related, personal post that I've made to this journal in a very long time. O_O
Tags: meme, random, rl
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