Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Bandom Podfic: Take a Bite of My Heart Tonight

Apparently in the craziness around [community profile] pod_together I forgot to crosspost this anywhere. :S So, here ya go, 2 months later for anyone who missed it the first time 'round.

Fic: Take a Bite of My Heart Tonight by [ profile] lucifuge5
Fandom: Bandom/My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Ray/Gerard
Length: 0:54:48
Links: MP3 ||| M4B

Summary: At 28, Ray Toro had the perfect rock musician’s life: fun, loud and fulfilling.
That sense of normalcy faded away right after Gerard got that damned hamster cage. Suddenly, it was up to Ray to figure out the truth about who he was, accept the inevitability of it all and have a happy ending before the arrival of the next full moon.
(OR, the story of Ray and his inner were!creature.)

Notes: Recorded for [community profile] pod_together. I had fun collaborating with [ profile] Lucifuge5 over what topic our story would have. And I appreciated her patience when the modly part of this challenge stole me away from working on this project for a while there.
Coverart by [ profile] Lucifuge5
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