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Fannish Heroes

So I was wondering, do you guys have a fannish hero? Someone that you look up to, or think is super talented or who does things you think are awesome? Someone you maybe wish you could be like?

I think my fannish hero is [personal profile] lunate8.

Since she's a podficcer, I've known of her for a long time, but it wasn't really until my first year at Vividcon that I really realized how awesome she is. I'm naturally a shy person, once I have an opening I'm fine and can be social easily, but until I have that opening I'm super shy and awkward. That first year for me at Vividcon was really awkward. I spent most of the weekend playing the part of a giant wall flower. But then on the Saturday night I managed to lure [personal profile] lunate8 and [personal profile] revolutionaryjo back to my room to squee about podfic. And last year when I was at Vividcon, [personal profile] lunate8 let me cling to her side most of the weekend so I didn't feel nearly as awkward.

So as soon as I met her, I knew she was a super nice person, but what really makes her my fannish hero are the awesome things she makes, and how she's just so hard core about her craft.

When she recorded recreational aphasia, she did so in the backseat of [personal profile] revolutionaryjo's car as she was being driven around, to emulate the fact that the fic took place in taxi.

She recorded Raindrops keep falling outside in the rain for effect. When we recorded our short part for [personal profile] bessyboo's [community profile] podficbigbang, Chicago's Most Wanted, as soon as she realized that her character was in a helicopter, she started beating her chest as she read.

She recorded Suppose It's Too Much To Call Coincidence for me. Despite not being in the fandom at all (American Idol), she did such an amazing job getting each character's voices down that I ended up emailing her for tips (after being in the fandom for more than a year at that point).

And most recently, she made this. It's a live action version of the Smallville Kitten Mpreg vid. I just... I can't even. I am so in awe of this! And I'm so sad that I couldn't be at Vividcon this year, that I missed watching the premiere of this, that I couldn't express my love of it in hugs, because I seriously have no words.

[personal profile] lunate8 just has such awesome ideas and she follows through on them. She comes up with these outside-the-box ideas and just does them. I often come up with ideas like this, and want to do them, but they seem too hard, they'd take too much time, and I end up doing something that's fast and easy (because I'm all about the instant gratification). So [personal profile] lunate8 is such an inspiration to me because where I think about doing things, she actually does them. ♥ She's basically what I want to be when I grow up. :D


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Aug. 20th, 2012 11:41 am (UTC)
Aww. There are a lot of authors I'd love to write like for many different reasons. However, that being said, I know my strengths and weaknesses and they are mine and I cherish those because they are all things I can improve upon. I could list many authors whose elegence I wish I could re-create or their turn of phrase. But then again, I have my own view of things, so I realise, I wouldn't be me without them, and they wouldn't be them with out theirs. It's what makes everything so wonderful in fandom.

I'd be a wallflower like you, by the way. LOL
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