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Podfic WIPs

So I've been meaning to do this for a while, if only because I'm kind of curious myself. I enjoy recording podfic so much more than editing it, so my to-edit folder is generally pretty large (I was the one who submitted this FY Podfic Platypus after all). Normally I'm able to buckle down and get things finished during [community profile] amplificathon but I didn't participate this year so, sadly, my to-edit folder just keeps growing.

It wasn't actually that easy to make this list since my WIPs are spread over many computers and removable storage devices. (Also, I generally ask for author permission after I finish a project, so if any of these do get finished by me, I'd still have to wait on permission).

Fic: (this is) not a statement by [personal profile] seperis
Fandom: American Idol S8 RPF
Progress: 0:53:01 recorded and edited
Likeliness of Being Completed: Less than likely
I started this podfic soooo long ago. I really love the fic and it would be awesome if the podfic were finished but I got held up because [personal profile] seperis relies on visual formatting to differentiate speakers a lot and the dialogue was getting fuzzy. When I met her at Vividcon later that year, she said she'd be totally fine with me adding dialogue tags, which was awesome! But then I'd have to scrap the work I'd already done and, well, I just never got around to it.

Fic: Coming Home by [personal profile] xanthe
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Progress: 1:24:11 recorded, 0:17:58 edited
Likeliness of Being Completed: Nill
This was supposed to be a group Slashpad podfic (ie, made with [personal profile] diurnal_lee and kronos999). [personal profile] diurnal_lee and I both really liked the fic when it came out (and we can always drag kronos999 into these things) so we thought we'd try podficcing it. I'm the only one that actually started, and I actually found it really hard to record so it was put on the back burner. And now ceruleanscarab has podficced it, so we're just going to abandom this project

Fic: The Road Less Travelled by [personal profile] jeyhawk
Fandom: American Idol S8 RPF
Progress: 3:23:40 recorded, 0:59:50 edited
Likeliness of Being Completed: Good
This is a project I started not too long ago; after Kris' show at the Mint, when I first heard Monster, which reminded me immediately of this fic. I've loved this story for a long time and it was the larger project I was actively working on before my recent vacation.

Fic: Wahr by [ profile] lilithilien
Fandom: Alles was zählt
Progress: 0:10:27 edited
Likeliness of Being Completed: Slight
This is the sequel to Schön. I recorded them both around the same time, however this one needed rerecords for German pronunciation problems and I just never got around to it. Possibly one day (probably during a round of [community profile] amplificathon) I'll want points and decide 'to hell with the rerecord!' and post it as is (since all other mistakes have been edited out).

Fic: A Day in the Life by [personal profile] damalur
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Progress: 0:30:40 recorded (no editing)
Likeliness of Being Completed: Slight
I recorded this one super spur of the moment one night when I was going through a BBT phase. I tend not to read much in BBT though, and I mostly forget that I recorded this.

Fic: The Way She Glistens by aleia
Fandom: CW RPF
Progress: 0:29:51 recorded
Likeliness of Being Completed: Next to Nil
I love aleia's college 'verse so much and have listened to Things I Learned My Freshman Year of College and How I Spent My Summer Vacation, read by celtic_cookie more times than I could count, so I really wanted the rest of the 'verse to be recorded (although I wasn't sure if it'd sound right if it wasn't by celtic_cookie), this was my meager attempt to do that.

Fic: A Sound of Far-Off Music by [ profile] Jai
Fandom: Bandom (MCR)
Progress: 0:56:52 recorded, 0:09:01 edited
Likeliness of Being Completed: Fair
I recorded this podfic jenepod for the #InformalTwitterPodficExchange at [personal profile] isweedan's suggestion (because I wasn't in Bandom at the time and was totally freaking out, [personal profile] isweedan was an angel about helping). I recorded the whole thing cold, only to get to the end and realize it was more pre-slashy gen and jenepod had asked for Frank/Gerard, so I ended up recording Sparkle Motion instead. I'll probably finish this one some day though, especially now I'm actually in Bandom. :P

Fic: From This Moment (You Are the One) by [personal profile] jeyhawk
Fandom: American Idol S8 RPF
Progress: 2:05:32 recorded ~45 minutes edited
Likeliness of Being Completed: Good
I recorded this back during #3DayNovelPodfic, when I managed to finish Baby, There's No Other Superstar before the 3 days were up. I recently started editing it again (in the hopes of finishing it in time for [community profile] amplificathon.

Fic: Escaping the Paradox by [ profile] meri
Fandom: Harry Potter
Progress: 5:57:49
Likeliness of Being Completed: Fair
I recorded this all in one day around after spending New Year's with my sister watching all 8 HP movies. I keep talking about signing up for hp_podfic_fest to help me get it done.

Fic: Or Be Drowned in Blissful Confusion by orbedrowned
Fandom: American Idol S8 RPF
Progress: 0:43:59 posted, 0:32:39 edited but not yet posted
Likeliness of Being Completed: Slight
I so, so want to finish this podfic, but I suck so hard at large projects like this. Also, even if I get all caught up, the fic itself is a WIP and I haven't heard anything from the author is a long time, so who knows. /o\ Of all my WIP podfics, this one bugs me the most.

Fic: Papa Don't Preach by [personal profile] moirariordan
Fandom: American Idol S8 RPF
Progress: 1:40:00 recorded, I have no idea how much is usable though
Likeliness of Being Completed: Good
So, this is my drunken podfic. I thought it would be a good idea to choose a fic where they get drunk! That way I'd fit the mood. Except, the drunken parts were at the beginning when I was sober(ish) and by the time I got drunk, Adam and Kris were on to babysitting. There's a point I hit where I'm too drunk for it to be usable, so I'm going to have to rerecord.
PS, the working copy file name is titled "Baby Beluga". Yeah...

Fic: The Sky's the Limit by [personal profile] samanthahirr
Fandom: American Idol S8 RPF
Progress: 0:19:04 recorded, 0:04:28 edited
Likeliness of Being Completed: Good
This is one of the fics requested of me when I put out the call for suggestions. I had fun recording it, I just got distracted by school before I could finish editing it.

Fic: Nothing Gets By a Stilinski AKA Stiles Had to Get His Awesome From Somewhere by [ profile] GoddessofBirth
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Progress: 0:59:00 recorded, none edited
Likeliness of Being Completed: Good
I recorded this yesterday when I was doing Teen Wolf stuff for [personal profile] heard_the_owl. It's a super fun story though, so I'm totally planning on finishing it.

Fic: A Little Down That Road by [personal profile] gypsy_scribbles
Fandom: American Idol S8 RPF
Progress: 0:19:36 recorded
Likeliness of Being Completed: Definitely
So, this is a charity podfic (from Adam's 29th birthday, god I suck so much). I've been intimidated by this fic for a lot of little reasons, and I'm probably going to scrap the 20 minutes I have recorded, since I had the gain settings on my mic set up wrong, but this will get done. Eventually. God.

Fic: With a Twist by [ profile] celli
Fandom: American Idol S8 RPF
Progress: 0:04:03
Likeliness of Being Completed: Slight
I recorded this cold intending for it to be for the Awesome Ladies Anthology, but I did a pretty horrible job reading it, so I don't think it'd be worth trying to use this recording. :S

Fic: The Finest Friend by winterlive
Fandom: American Idol S8 RPF
Progress: 0:46:29 recorded
Likeliness of Being Completed: Good
This is such an intriguing fic, I love the premise and I started recording it one day while I was waiting to leave for the airport. I thought it was just short enough I'd have time to finish recording before I'd have to leave, only, there's so much religious jargon in it, that I spent far more time than usual looking up how to pronounce various things. I do want to finish it one day though.

And that's all of them, over 20 hours of recorded, unshared podfic.. I know there have been others that I've started, but if I can't find the raw files for them, then they don't count. One day, one day! I will actually finish all most of the things I start. But until then, I will have a giant list. :P
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