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AO3 Hits Meme

There have been so many memes going on that I've wanted to do, but I've been so busy this year. I think I might try the make up meme later this week, but in the mean time, I can do this one while at school.

AO3 Hits Meme
Taken from [personal profile] greedy_dancer, here are my works which have the highest hit count on AO3.

Crash Into Me American Idol, Kris/Adam, 0:29:48, 3846 hits
I have no delusions that the hit count on this work is because of me. This was a podfic I made for kradambigbang and [personal profile] lc2l and I made a single AO3 entry with both the podfic and the fic. It was a huge story though, and I was in the middle of [community profile] pod_together stuff so I only recording the first few opening scenes. So yeah, I'm sure 98% of those hits are for the fic, not the podfic.

Elves Love Snakeskin Leather Boots American Idol, Kris/Adam, 1:04:41, 926 hits
This was my [community profile] pod_together project with [personal profile] house_of_lantis. Since this is another fic/podfic entry, I'm sure a good chunk of those hits are aimed at [personal profile] house_of_lantis alone. All that said, I actually do like sharing podfic entries with the fic author. It maybe doesn't give me an accurate number of hits, but I think it does increase visibility and it makes it easier for people to leave feedback to the author and podficcer both.

Falling Slowly (Upwards Spiral) American Idol, Kris/Adam, 1:23:13, 517 hits
This is the podfic with the highest hits, that isn't posted with accompanying fic. Which also kind of surprises me, since it's not all that old, I only uploaded it in August. It is an amazing story though, and AI fandom does love it some werewolf fic, so I'm sure that helped. :P

Untitled Kink Fic American Idol, Kris/Adam, 0:49:48, 452 hits
This one is even newer than Falling Slowly, only uploaded in January. I attribute the high hit count to effective use of tags (we all know fandom loves kink :D)

Ficlet Meme Terminator (with some SGA), Gen, John/Cameron, 0:07:04, 409 hits
This is the first thing I ever uploaded to AO3 since it's the only fic I've ever published. Way later when I was uploading all my podfic to AO3 I added the podfic to this entry, but most of the hits are for the fic.

A Need So Fundamental American Idol, Adam/Tommy, 1:33:55, 400 hits
Not too bad considering Adam/Tommy isn't my usual pairing, I'm not not known in those circles. :)

Kissing Game American Idol, Kris/Adam, 0:14:19 251 hits
Really not bad, considering that's a short podfic only 2 months old.

Scribbles American Idol, Kris/Adam, 0:05:43, 214 hits
Same as above, it's kind of impressive that these short podfics posted recently are doing better than my older stuff. Maybe it's a sign of AO3s growing popularity?

Claim American Idol, Kris/Adam, 0:35:40, 209 hits
I'm... running out of things to say. :P

As Seen On Urban Dictionary Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/Watson, 0:09:39, 210 hits
This was a group effort made with [personal profile] cantarina, fishpatrol and [personal profile] lunchee and was, OMG so much fun to make.

Overall, it makes me happy that I have podfic that do so well on AO3; 500 hits is nothing to sneeze at considering I don't really link to my AO3 works, like, ever.

I mean, clearly the podfics posted with text are doing better, but my podfics are certainly doing better than my vids (my vid with the most hits is I Just Want with a grand total of 30 hits (my Peagasus 101 vid only has 9 hits :P). Granted, it's not like I've vidded in forever and I'd like to think I'm a better podficcer than vidder, so.
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