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I just had the most ridiculous night. Seriously /o\

I know I don't update here much, other than for podfic related reasons. That's because I do most of my day-to-day fannish stuff over on Twitter (I'm [ profile] paraka12 if you want to follow me there), but tonight was just too... whatever, to try and explain in 140 character chunks.

Back story: Thursday evening in a moment of klutziness, I hit my knee. It made a loud bang and hurt a bit, but all things considered I've had stubbed toes that hurt worse. But I hit it weirdly like at an odd angle to the knee cap. So, unlike a normal bump, it kinda arched the next day. Saturday after standing around for about an hour, I was getting these shooting pains from hip to ankle. Sunday I tried my best not to move my leg too much or to stand very much and it continued to hurt (not excruciatingly or anything, but pretty uncomfortable).

Further back story: My mom is pretty much a hypochondriac and would have me at the Dr.'s for anything and everything as a child and, as a result, I have this weird habit of thinking I'm dying with everything that goes wrong with my body, but also thinking that I'm being dramatic and am really fine (which is how I spent a very, very sick week at school once because I convinced myself since I didn't have a temperature it was all in my head *rolls eyes*).

I also have a history of problems with this particular knee; my sister had to go through surgery for the same problem I have, so I'm extra paranoid about my knee. So my mind has been building these ideas that I've managed to fracture my knee or something and I'm doing all this horrible damage by walking around on it. So today I gave into the pain and paranoia and went to the Dr.'s.

I had to skip class to make it on time but they managed to get me in today, so that was nice. The Dr. looked the knee over and didn't think it was a ligament thing. Most likely the bump to the knee set off my other knee problems, resulting in the pain I'm feeling now, but she gave me a referral to get X-rays done.

I got out of there around 7, and there was a place nearby, open till 7:30 where I could get it done, so I rushed over there. Except the X-ray place was in a mall, whose doors seem to lock at 7. So I ended up limping around the building trying to find a door that was open (and there were some, but they led to hallways of specific stores, but the doors to the general mall were all locked). I finally gave up and just headed home.

Only, when I got home, I couldn't turn my car off. The ignition was stuck in the on position. I even managed to get the key out of the ignition but the car kept running. And really, it's a wonder I can top off my windshield washer fluid, I know so little about cars. So I called kronos999 out to come look at it(she knows less about fixing cars that I do). And then, finally, I called my dad. He had no idea how to fix it either, but did remember I have roadside assistance and told me to call them.

I got bounced around a bit (roadside just tows cars, they don't trouble shoot) and a woman tried to guide me through fixing it by offering such helpful suggestions as "put it in park" (I drive a standard, there is no park!) or "press this button" which didn't exist. At one point she started to suggest I wait till tomorrow, but was reminded that MY CAR WAS STILL RUNNING! So she sent me to the nearest dealership that was still open (not too far away, luckily). Where they stalled out the car and unplugged the battery and said they'd work on it tomorrow. Which, you know, awesome. Now I don't have car to get to school tomorrow, nor a way to get my X-rays.

Luckily my parents stepped in. My dad works near where I live, so tomorrow he's going to come pick me up, I'll drive him to work and use his car to get me to school and X-rays. Hopefully they'll have my car fixed by tomorrow night.
Tags: *whine*, rl
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