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New Kris Allen Music!

I'm going to have to change how I sum up what I post to this journal. Previously I was saying "podfic announcements (both for my podfics and podfic comms/challenges) and podfic meta." However I seem to keep posting Kris Allen music, so I'll have to tack that onto the end. :P

Last night Kris did a show at The Mint in LA (god I wish I could have been there!). He debuted some new music as well as played some of his old stuff. I started off this morning scouring YouTube to hear them all and have ripped them to mp3s. I ended up grabbing all my rips from jsalow2, and I highly suggest checking out their vids on YouTube, since I cut out the Kris chatter but jsalow2 left it in (also to thank them for putting them up!).

Downloads and links to Vids
Entire show as mp3s

01 Monster
Download Monster

02 Better With You
Download Better With You

03 Out Alive
Download Out Alive

04 Alright With Me
Download Alright With Me

05 Leave You Alone
Download Leave You Alone

06 You Got A Way
Download You Got A Way

07 Shut That Door (And Keep That Devil Out)
Download Shut That Door (And Keep That Devil Out)

08 Teach Me How Love Goes
Download Teach Me How Love Goes

09 Vision of Love
Download Vision of Love

10 Ladies of Pop Medley
Download Ladies of Pop

11 Live Like We're Dying
Download Live Like We're Dying

Tags: fandom: america idol rpf, kris allen, music
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