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Guys, megaupload has been shut down. D:

Yes, there was a lot of pirated files up there, but worse, there was also a lot of fannish works up there.

I've said this a couple different places and at different times, but if anyone wants a fannish home to host their fanworks (podfic, vids, art, whatever) I'm happy to share my webspace. I host things for a number of people already. And would be happy to host for others too.

For anyone interested, you can email me at parakaproductions at gmail dot com or leave a comment here and I'll set you up.

The process that I use is that I'll set users up with their own subdomain name, plus an FTP account. That way users can have their own space to do with what they choose (you can create a whole website, or just host works there to hotlink to elsewhere) and users have complete control over their content (so they don't have to go through me whenever they want something uploaded or taken down).

There's also an inbuilt stats function automatically set up, so people can see hit counts, referring site and the like.

I'm seriously offering this to any fan, you don't need to know me to take me up on the offer. :)

ETA: Because some people have asked, there is some statistics tracking available if you want to host with me. Here's an example of what the stats page looks like.
People are also free to use the space to make an actual webpage if they like (rather than just hosting files there). My default is to set people up with an FTP account but if you want something with My SQL or something we can talk. :)

ETA2: I'm actually out of town this weekend. I will have internet access to answer questions and/or set up accounts, it just might take me a bit before I can answer.

ETA3: This offer is still open to anyone. If you'd like to take me up on it, can you please leave me an email address so I can forward the info to you. Also, please let me know if you'd like the website to have a different name than your journal name (otherwise I'll default to your journal name).
Tags: fandom
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