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Podfic Meme, 2011 Sum Up

I made 24 podfics this year, for a total of 15:47:14! \o/

This is an average length of almost 39:30 per podfic.

13, or 13:16:28, of those podfics were for American Idol.

Of the 24 I made, 5 of them were charity podfics (only 1 left).

What was the best podfic you made this year?
Hmm, it's really hard for me to think of best one... I really like As Seen On Urban Dictionary which was made with [personal profile] cantarina, [personal profile] fishpatrol and lunchy_munchy. That was a lot of fun to record and I like how it turned out. :)

Most popular?
Wow, my website only shows monthly download stats, I don't know the cumulative numbers, and AO3 isn't completely accurate...
According to AO3 the podfic with the most hits, at 3129, is Crash Into Me but considering that podfic isn't even complete and it's in the same entry as the written fic, I have a feeling most of those hits aren't for my podfic.

Elves Love Snakeskin Boots has the next most hits at 719, but also has the text in the same work (it was my [community profile] pod_together entry :).

Falling Slowly (Upwards Spiral) has 400 hits and has the highest number of hits for a podfic-only entry. Which is actually kind of impressive since it's only been up since the end of August.

Most under appreciated?
Hmm, I'm generally pretty happy with the level of appreciation I get for my podfics (namely: any) and especially for the response to my AI podfic (which gets lot of appreciation). I have felt a bit of a decline in people noticing my Kradam podfics, but I get a feeling that this fandom is really slowing down. Still, I don't feel like they're under appreciated.

The only ones that were maybe under appreciated would be my [community profile] multipodicity podfics, When You Kiss Me (I am Happy Enough) and Ash the Stablehand. However they are repods, also femslash and het respectively and not very popular fandoms at the moment so I suppose it's to be expected.

Personal favorite, for whatever reason?
I really like Undercover and it's probably the one I made this year that I've listened to the most. I like the mystery of it, how out of control the boys get, the world building, etc. And I think I did a pretty good job reading it.

Most difficult to make?
To the surprise of absolutely no one who heard me bitch about it, Our Song Remembered. The author's writing style was just so different from my natural speaking style that every sentence seemed like a battle to get out. I got to the end of the recording and I wanted to scrap the whole thing and start over again. Luckily untamedfilly talked me out of that and convinced me that others were hearing something different than I was. I don't think I'll ever be able to enjoy relistening to that podfic though, the sense memory of the awkwardness of the reading is just too strong.

Most "ah ha ha I can't believe I'm doing this"?
The Old Spice Kinkmeme Anthology.

Most fun to make?
In an Interstellar Burst also recorded with [personal profile] cantarina, [personal profile] fishpatrol and lunchy_munchy. Doing a live group reading was so much fun!

Was there one that didn't turn out the way you wanted?
I don't want to harp on Our Song Remembered again, so I guess I'll go with Crash Into Me, which was supposed to be made into an abridgement of the story, but I ran out of time and got distracted by other projects. /o\

Biggest learning experience?
Falling Slowly (Upwards Spiral) had a lot of interesting stuff in there for me. I tried doing singing and when that failed horribly, I ended up splicing in music and having music under my talking. I'm mostly happy with how it turned out. I also tried doing unique voices for every character in that podfic, which was a challenge.

What's next? Do you have any podfic goals for next year?
Well, I'd like to top what I managed to get done this year. That'd be cool.

I'd like to break the top 15 of [community profile] amplificathon this year. That was my goal for 2011 too, but I missed it by 2 points. /o\

I really want to get more of Or Be Drowned in Blissful Confusion done. I actually have the next part pretty much done and more recorded but I think I'll sit on it till I have a decent chunk ready to post since it seems mean to make people wait almost a year between parts. /o\

I want to record some American Idol Season 7 podfic! Also, more femslash.

Section I'm adding to the end BECAUSE I CAN!
A few weeks ago I was actually feeling pretty down about the amount of podfic I produced this year. I felt like I should have gotten so much more done than I did. There were a few reasons for this, I think:

1. I became friends with a lot of podficcers this year through Twitter, which is completely awesome! But it also means that it seems like every day there's someone talking about the podfic they're working on/about to post, which makes me feel guilty/useless when I don't work on podfic every day. I'm learning to get over this one.

2. I spent a fuckton of time working on podfic this year. I can't even. I basically had no social life all year, unless you count Twitter.
I think I felt that since I had spent so much time on podfic I should have produced more, but a lot of that energy was actually devoted to getting other people to make podfic. I ran a lot of comms this year.
I started [community profile] podfic_bingo, started [community profile] pod_together with [personal profile] klb, ran [community profile] multipodicity again, started [community profile] pod_aware with [personal profile] weimar27 as well as all the work that goes into maintaining ai_podfic.

[community profile] pod_together and [community profile] pod_aware definitely took the most work. OMG, so much work.

3. I had a lot of specific podfic goals this year that I felt I wasn't meeting. I did more than what was on that list from January, but I still have an outstanding charity podfic (that's almost a year in waiting at this point) and there were some projects I really wanted to do, like the podfic musical.

Podfic Things I'm Proud Of
I have made so many awesome friends!
I became a meme!?
I seriously cannot believe how amazingly successful [community profile] pod_aware was. I spent the month leading up to it begging all my friends to make something for it because I wasn't sure if anyone would participate.
The newbie podficcers/podfic hopefuls I encouraged throughout the year.
The number of podficcers that have been tempted into podficcing American Idol (most recently, [personal profile] fire_juggler :D).
And probably more that I'm missing. 2011 was definitely the year of podfic for me! I hope I can say the same for 2012!
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