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Podfic Podcast

So, as some of you will remember, I'm running a comm in November called [community profile] pod_aware.

After doing that birthday podmeta for brimtoast, I thought it would be a really cool idea to do daily podcast for [community profile] pod_aware! But for that, I need people who can meta with me!

I asked on Twitter and have some volunteers, but I'm hoping for more. I need at least one person to join me per day (with a maximum of two others - I don't want us all talking over each other).

Each podcast would correspond to the daily theme at [community profile] pod_aware. Here are the themes and the cohosts I have lined up so far:

Edit: All full now, thanks!
November 7: Podfic 101/Why We Podfic - bessyboo, podklb
November 8: Blanket Permission [personal profile] revolutionaryjo, jenepel, [personal profile] fishpatrol
November 9: Author/Podficcer Relationships - podklb, weimar27
November 10: Accents [personal profile] revolutionaryjo, greedy_dancer
November 11: Feedback - [personal profile] anatsuno, knight_tracer
November 12: Repodding - bessyboo, knight_tracer
November 13: Encouraging Podfic - [personal profile] cantarina, weimar27

Anyone else want to join in? Recordings would be done over Skype (accounts are free).

ETA: To clarify, the dates shown are the days the podcast would air, I'm actually starting the recordings now and plan to have them all recorded before November. *hopfully* I'm trying to work out a flexible schedule that everyone interested can meet. :)
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