Paraka (paraka) wrote,

I suck so much lately

Gah, I feel like I need to get organized because right now I'm just not getting things done, probably no one else cares, but I'm making a list.

Things To Do
  • Finish [community profile] multipodicity podfic! (god, what kind of example is that from the mod?

  • Work on the outline for the new podfic comm [personal profile] weimar27 and I were talking about running (because clearly the thing to do when I'm overwhelmed is to make more comms!).

  • Mail things to people! I have stuff I planned on mailing in August still not even written let along sent.

  • Reply to all the emails and comments! My inbox is getting scary and I feel like such a jerk when I leave people hanging like this. :(

  • Homework (god, so much homework, it's only the second week!)

  • Fix my mp3 player so all the podfic will load and be organized in a manner that is easier to find stuff then my current system.

  • Finish my second 3DNPodfic podfic.

  • Start my last charity podfic (untamedfilly you hate me a little don't you? That's why you chose fic with so many Spanish based words, right? Now I'm going to have to do actual research.)

  • Look into applying for student loans.

  • Do some encouraging over at [community profile] podfic_bingo.

In good news, I got a parking pass for school! I think I cheated the system to get it, but I'm sooooo not complaining. For some reason, even though parking is "sold out" it let me pay for a parking pass and when I went to the office they registered me and let me pick it up. This is awesome because not only is a parking pass slightly less expensive then busing, the buses are seriously fucked up lately. I wanted to get to school early today so left 3 whole buses early (the buses come every half hour). I ended up getting to school late and walking a lot. The bus that I take to school is so full that it just kept driving passed the stop I was waiting at. I finally jumped on a different bus that involved walking a lot further to get to school. Whatever, now I can drive. I'll probably just have to be careful to get there early enough to find a parking spot.

More good news, I probably have a job lined up (although I still need further details). I hadn't really started my job searching when I got a call from my old boss saying she heard I was looking for a job and to give her a call. When we spoke she said she'd like to have me back (which originally I wasn't sure if I wanted, since they're open during business hours and that might not be enough work hours, however seeing the amount of homework I have I don't think I can afford to work more hours and it makes much more sense working here where I'll get more than minimum wage like I would in retail). Anyways, yesterday I emailed her my available hours and she's going to go to HR and try to have a position created for me. The only thing that has me worried is she mentioned that it might be based on volume, so if they're not busy in the department I wouldn't go in to work and that might mean it's not enough hours. Ahh well, we'll see.

So that's me right now. :S
Tags: podfic, rl, school, work
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