Paraka (paraka) wrote,

I Am Having an Awesome Weekend


This weekend is 3 Day Novel Podfic weekend and I am having far too much fun. I actually managed to get my podfic done in 2 days instead of 3, so I think I'll start a second one this afternoon. There was a minor freak out yesterday when I went to edit in my rerecords, only to realize that something had happened to my file and the beginning was totally distorted and sounded horrible but luckily I had been saving each individual file as well so was able to make a new masterfile that sounds ok. *phew*

I have been having so much fun on Twitter, there aren't even words. There are 4 of us doing 3 Day Novel Podfic ([personal profile] cantarina, [personal profile] sophinisba and weimar27) and we've all be encouraging each other on Twitter (check out the hashtag #3DNPodfic).

bessyboo also joined in. I've casually known bessyboo for a while now but it wasn't until recently that I started following her on Twitter. SHE IS NOW MY NEW FAVOURITE PERSON!!

While having a discussion about podfic, I made said "But we'll keep fighting, right?" Which lead to:

bessyboo: @paraka12 indeed! THE FIGHT CONTINUES! *strikes adventurous pose*

paraka: @bessyboo I'm totally picturing you with an upraised sword in your hand right now :P

bessyboo: FOR PODFIC! (sadly there was no sword, only a windshield scraper to be had) @vworpvworp @paraka12

This, of course, started a trend and I had to make me own FOR PODFIC! picture:

I am sad proud to say that all I had to do to take that picture was grab a mic and move a chair (all other geeky props were either already on my person or were already in the living room). My geeky house, let me show you it.

Some of the other podficcers on Twitter did pictures as well (but they're locked). I totally think this should be a trend though and all podficcers should make one!

bessyboo also made me cover art for my 3 Day Novel Podfic which is so awesome I don't even have words!!! It was awesome enough that it's now my desktop picture, kicking out a slide show of hot Kris Allen pictures.
Tags: 3 day novel, amazing balls, podfic

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