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Update on My Projects

So, back in January, I made a post with my podficcing plans for the year.

I... haven’t exactly kept to that schedule very well, but I thought that since we’re now about halfway through the year, that I’d update my plans and list what I’ve done.

Accomplishments (so far)
-Universe Within 1: Wonderland by [personal profile] choosetolive (podfic, 0:17:20)

-Or Be Drowned in Blissful Confusion (part 2) by orbedrowned (podfic, 0:21:06)

-Lose Your Inhibitions (Hold Me Tight Tonight) by [personal profile] jeyhawk (podfic, [community profile] podfic_bingo, [community profile] amplificathon, 0:52:14)

-Our Song Remembered by [ profile] xof1013 (podfic, [community profile] podfic_bingo, [community profile] amplificathon, 1:46:30)

-Undercover by [personal profile] house_of_lantis (podfic, [community profile] podfic_bingo, [community profile] amplificathon, 2:17:28)

-Out There by [personal profile] jerakeen (podfic, [community profile] amplificathon, 0:14:41)

-Vacation Destination by kronos999 (podfic, [community profile] amplificathon, 0:02:41)

-Untitled Numb3rs/Doctor Who Crossover by [personal profile] xparrot (podfic, [community profile] amplificathon, 0:01:40)

-Old Spice Kinkmeme Anthology by multiple authors (podfic, [community profile] podfic_bingo, [community profile] amplificathon, 0:21:18)

-A Changing Perception on Fate (or how Rodney came to believe in the Robot Apocalypse by [personal profile] amaresu (podfic, [community profile] amplificathon, 0:03:34)

-Move (Sideways) by [personal profile] jerakeen (podfic, [community profile] amplificathon, 0:04:42)

-A Need So Fundamental by [ profile] minxie (podfic, [community profile] amplificathon, [community profile] podfic_bingo, 1:33:55)

-Got [community profile] pod_together up and running with [personal profile] podklb

-Created a Fanlore page for the term "repod"

-Updated and reformatted the Podfic Blanket Permission list at [community profile] multipodicity and created a fanlore page for it

Things Currently on my Plate
-Podfic In Any Other World by yekoc: This is a charity podfic I was supposed to have this one done in February. I recorded it all last night and I have the unrealistic goal in mind of editing it all before [community profile] amplificathon ends next Monday. We’ll see how that goes. :P

-[community profile] podfic_bingo: I mod it and I need to work more on filling up my card. Some of the podfics I’m planning on doing will help but there are still a lot that I’m going to have to pull from somewhere if I don’t want to flake out on my own comm.

-[community profile] amplificathon: My goal for this year is to end up in the top 15 (I know I have no hope of winning), as of last night I was this close to cracking the top 10. I think if I get In Any Other World done I might be able to be top 10 this year. Edit: I just double checked my [community profile] amplificathon numbers and it looks like [personal profile] podmod made a mistake when calculating my points (I think they gave me kronos999's points because there were an extra 100 points on my count). so rather than almost being in the top 10, I'm comfortably in the top 15 (13th place). I'm going to need far more points than I have time for to crack the top 10 unless I find another crazy crossover fic like the Old Spice Kinkmeme....

-remopodmo</b>: Record More Podfic Month, where I signed up to work on podfic at least 20 minutes a day. For those most part I’ve been at hitting that goal, if not exceeding it but there have been a few days were I’ve missed entirely (like all of this weekend).

-[community profile] pod_together: I’ve spoken to my assigned author and I know she’s working on the fic, but I haven’t received it yet. On the modding side, there’s still lots to do. I want to build a webpage to host all the podfics on and [personal profile] podklb and I discussed setting up an AO3 collection and posting everything there, but neither of us have any experience running one over there, so I need to poke at it some to figure if/how it would work.

-[info - personal] kradambigbang art assignment: I signed up for [info - personal] kradambigbang at the last moment because they really needed artists. I’ve slowly, yet surely, been learning Photoshop ever since it was pointed out to me how important some people find podfic cover art. Even though I’m not awesome yet, I can still get a cover done in a day. After talking with my author though, I think we might try something a little more multimedia and there will be select scenes podficced from the story (it’s a 75K fic and the art is due July 1st, no way I’ll ever get the whole thing done by then). I’m also playing with the idea of using this as a chance to fill by "Abridge" square for [community profile] podfic_bingo.

-Get caught up on Or Be Drowned in Blissful Confusion by orbedrowned: I have the rest of chapter 1 of this recorded, I just need to finish editing it. Also, I need to record and edit chapters 2 through 9. :S God.

Things I Will Definitely Do, but Haven’t Started Yet
-[community profile] multipodicity: I have marked on my calendar to open signups around the end of June.

-Podfic A Little Down That Road by gypsy_scribbles: This is another charity podfic that I haven’t started yet :S It’s a fic I haven’t read yet, and I’ve been avoiding reading it so I can use it for my "Read a Fic Cold" square on [community profile] podfic_bingo but I think that’s holding me back a bit, since I don’t know the fic and can’t get excited about it. But, it’s a podfic for untamedfilly and she’s gotten two already, so I need to do the other charity podfics first since those recipients haven’t gotten anything from me yet.

-Podfic Falling Slowly (Upwards Spiral) by [personal profile] jeyhawk: this is my [info - personal] help_japan charity podfic, also for untamedfilly. It has a deadline of "sometime this year" and, boy, it might take me that long at this rate :S (Also, I don’t have permission to record this one yet).

Things That Will Probably Get Done, but Also Haven’t Been Started Yet
-Podfic Escapology by [ profile] birdsarecalling: I wanted to do this for [community profile] amplificathon but I’m soooo not going to have time. But! [info - personal] podfic_project just announced Makeout Session to celebrate International Femmeslash Day so I think I’ll try to record this for that.

-Podfic: The Musical! Size 7.5 by lavvyan: This has kind of been put on the back burner since I’ve been so behind on my charity stuff, but I really want to get it done!

-Podfic the rest of Becoming a Universe Within.

-Organize a Podfic Awareness Week (probably around the end of August).

-Podbang! I normally sign up twice, once on my own and once as part of Group Slash Pad.

-Volume II of the Old Spice Kinkmeme (stargate_sg1sg1 said he’d do more for me :D).

-I should probably finish podficcing (This is) Not A Statement by [personal profile] seperis since I started it about a year ago, but looking at these lists, I’m thinking it won’t get done this year.

-Redesign my fugly website.

There’s probably more I’m missing here....

Based on my original schedule I was planning on podficcing 13 podfics this year for a total of ~20 hours. According to the schedule, by tomorrow, I was supposed to have podficced 9 podfics at ~12 hours. In reality I’ve podficced 12 podfics for a total of ~8 hours. Which... doesn’t actually look that far off from schedule, but 4 hours of podfic is a big difference. I’ve got to get my rear in gear and keep on top of this!

I actually started this post on Friday but was including a section titled "Things I Would Like To Do, But Unless I Win The Lottery I’m Unlikely To Get Done Any Time Soon (If Ever)" but it was sooooo long, like probably at around 50 fics when I gave up and deleted it because, yeah, at that point it was getting kind of pointless. Still, I would like to podfic some Cook/Archie fics, there’s a sad lack of S7 podfic. :(
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