Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Time Capsule Question

So, I'm putting together a time capsule. What do you guys think should be in it?

Why am I putting together a time capsule? Well, it all started with podfic (as most thing in my life seem to these days). When I realized I had a ridiculous amount of charity podfic to do, I realized that it's really hard to find quiet time to record in my house. I've joked with my room mates about building a recording studio in the house but suddenly I was seriously considering it and researching it online.

After some discussions with kronos999 we finally decided on a corner of the basement (this past weekend we built two walls from scratch!). Except in that corner, there was a random board nailed to the ground. When we pulled it up, it was covering a hole. A really deep hole going down past the foundation. It's about 1.5'X1.5'X4' deep.

The only possible use we could think for it was to hide a body in. We've decided to just leave it and put the floor on top of it but we've kind of been joking about using it for something. We were going to put supplies down there in case of a zombie apacolypse or something.

Then we thought that it'd be cool to put a time capsul in there. It's going to be very heavily fannish. And I'm going to write a letter or something to put in there but what do you think we should add?
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