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Is there a 12 step program for this?

Hello. My name is Lindsay and I have a problem.

A problem where I completely ignore the laws of time, general health requirements and/or work place rules so that I can over commit myself.

I like to pretend, far too often, that there are, in fact, 30 hours in a day, that I can get by on 3 hours of sleep a night (I so, so cannot) and/or that work won’t notice if I just don’t come in so I can spend all day podficcing.

Not even a month into 2011 and my podfic plans for the near future (ie. The next 6 months 9 months) include more podfic than I did all of last year. God.

On Sunday I signed up to offer podfic for [info - personal] hooplamagnet’s charity auction to raise money for Adam’s new charity affiliate, charity: water. Normally at charity auctions I’ll put a single podfic up for auction but this time I decided to do it a little differently. I said I’d make a podfic, around 10K, to anyone who donated $20. I expected maybe 2 or 3 people to take me up on it. That so didn’t happen.

The super generous [personal profile] adamaddict_rh was the first to bid. She offered $100 if I’d do 3 fics for her. O.O
[personal profile] blacksquirrel and qafhappy have bid too.

So now, I have over 60K worth of charity fic to do.

As I’ve already posted about, I’m working on orbedrowned and Undercover by [personal profile] house_of_lantis too, which have a combined word count of over 95K (and counting! Since orbedrowned is still a WIP).

That’s over 150K worth of fic. In all of 2010 (including the group podfic I made with slashpad, which, I don’t think I’ve posted here yet) I recorded (or helped record) just under 130K worth of fic.

And that 150K doesn’t even include the awesome podfic I idea I got yesterday (another 10K) or the fics I was hoping to do for [community profile] amplificathon (about 20K).

So, overall, that’d be about 180K worth of fic (or about 18 hours) in the first half of the year or so.

Yeah, I have a feeling that’s not going to happen. My [community profile] amplificathon strategy is probably going to shift from select rare pairings/fandoms to quantity instead. :S

None of this includes [community profile] podfic_bingo. Which, not only will I have to fill prompts for my card, I’m also running it (good things podfics only have to be finished in December for that, so I can worry about them in the second half of the year).

Outside of podfic, I recently joined the organization committee for a con that’s going to be run in September. I’m also contemplating going back to school and am looking to change careers (or at least jobs) soon. Oh, and hey, I should really post that podfic tutorial I have written (but still needs some editing) sometime soon.

So. Yes. My future is looking rather busy. *blows into paper bag*

For reference:
-10K of fic = ~1 hour of podfic
-For every minute of finished podfic, it takes me 8-20 minutes of work. So a 1 hour podfic is 8 to 20 hours of work (+ time spent distracted).
-I have discovered, if I do very little else but podfic and sleep in my "free time" (any time not spent at work) I can record and edit 10K/1 hour in a week.
-> On that estimate I’ll finish my charity works at the beginning of March, or all of them by the end of May.
->Realistically, I bet it’ll take double that time. At least. Which has me going until Mid April for the charity works and the end of September for the rest. God.

I think I need to stock up on tea and throat lozenges.

Also, *wimpers*
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