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There are a million fannish things I should be doing right now, replying to comments being at the top of that list. But I got some news today and started distracting myself talking to [personal profile] choosetolive about vids.

Many of the people on this flist probably don't know that I'm a vidder (or, I was, it's been forever). I adore vids, even though I haven't been watching that many lately. Does AI fandom have much of a vid fandom? An LJ vid fandom? (that makes me sound like a snob, it's just, I grew up, fannishly, on LJ vidding aesthetics and haven't put the time into adapting to YouTube aesthetics yet.)

There are probably a bunch of awesome vids I'm missing but podfic has taken over my focus so I missed them. [personal profile] choosetolive doesn't really watch vids so other than Beautiful Dirty Rich and Tightrope (which I only knew about because of Vividcon) we weren't really able to come up with anything (recs are totally welcome if anyone has some).

Since we don't have many fandoms in common, I started sending her vids where you don't really have to know the source to appreciate. Then I though, why not share them!

Title: Piece of Me
Vidder: obsessive24
Song: Piece of Me by Britney Spears
Fandom: Brittany Spears RP.. not Fiction, but Real Person Fandom maybe?
Why I Love It: obsessive24 vidded exactly what Brittany is singing about in this song. Like, this is what should be on MTV for this song if only people had the balls to show it like this. It doesn't pull any punches and I just get so overwhelmed by the intensity of it all.

There are so many technical aspects to praise in this, and little pieces that just fit but I always just get swept away when watching it.

Title: On the Prowl
Vidder: [personal profile] sisabet and [personal profile] sweetestdrain
Song: On the Prowl by Lydia Lunch
Fandom: Multi
Why I Love It: This vid was done for the Vividcon Self Portrait challenge and while it's a self portrait of the vidders, I also think it works amazingly well as a portrait of slash fandom. We love our hot guys, but we love to hurt them even more. Warnings, I actually leave this vid feeling disturbed and a little sick each time (and I admit to covering my eyes at times). But that's part of what makes it so good!

Title: Around the Bend
Vidder: danegen
Song: Around the Bend by The Asteroid Galaxy Tour
Fandom/Pairing: Multi
Why I Love It: Need a pick me up after the last vid? This one is sooooo fun! It's about women. And their cars! (or tanks, or plains, or spaceships and more!) It's about women enjoying being women, being empowered! This is another one I saw at Vividcon this year and during the discussion people likened it to vidders and their machines but this is one of those vids that can be applied to so many situations. Because it's a vid about women having fun, being sexy, being strong and kicking ass.

Title: Can Delight
Vidder: jescaflowne
Song: Can Delight by Master Blaster
Fandom: Cheerleaders! Multi
Why I Love It: It's the cheerleader vid! I love this vid for a bunch of reasons: technically it's amazing (OMG the technical aspects make me cringe at the thought of doing something like this myself but as a viewer make me want to clap), there are hot women being cheerleaders and kicking ass, and I love the idea of cheerleaders saving the world. It's so peppy and fun and amazing!
Tags: fandom: america idol rpf, vid rec
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