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Fandom Meme

Leave a comment saying you want to do the meme and I will give you five words I associate with you. Then post about what they mean to you, along with this, at your journal.

kira_dark_wing gave me: Kradam, Podfic, music, rant(in a good way ;p) and fandom

Ha, Kradam. Last year as I started to fall out of SGA fandom I did a lot of hopping from fandom to fandom to try and find a new one to obsess over. I tried Merlin but it wasn’t quite what I wanted. I fell in love with Terminator but the fandom was too small for me.

I knew that there was a lot of love in fandom for some dude named Adam Lambert but didn’t really see myself joining American Idol fandom of all things. But having a fun vibrant fandom is more important to me than source material so it always stuck in the back of my mind (plus, for some reason I thought the fandom had a lot of podfic).

Then, one day near the end of March I was on my way to work when Whataya Want From Me came on the radio and really, really liked it. When I looked up the music video for it (to listen on repeat all day at work) I fell a little in love.

What I totally didn't see coming was becoming such a big Kris fan! I, uh, actually am a tiny bit more of a Kris fan than an Adam fan (and Allison! I’m a total Allison fan!).

Kradam fandom has been amazing for me. There's some truly awesome fic here and I love being involved in a fandom again. I mostly lurked in SGA fandom so it was nice to actually be back creating things.

Ahh podfic. The current (and longstanding) obsession in my life. I listened to my first podfic back in early 2006. It was an SGA fic, I think one of the ones written and read by [personal profile] rageprufrock. I'll admit, at first I found it a little weird, not a bad kind of weird, just, when I had read the story it sounded one way and the podfic sounded different. I didn't fully come to appreciate podfic until December 2006. I was doing order entry over the Christmas break and found [info - personal] sga_podfic. It was amazing! I was at work all day, getting paid but if felt like I was reading fic all day! I was hooked! I immediately tried making my own but never finished that first one because I went in with the idea of "well, if I choose a really long fic, it'll fill more of my time at work" I probably had about 5 hours of it read and mostly edited when I gave up. I lurked in the fandom for a long time, it wasn't until the first [community profile] amplificathon that I finally finished a podfic. Two actually. After that I started some projects, even finished some but I didn't post anymore podfic until the first podbang.

I remember really clearly the day they made the announcement for podbang. I was living with [personal profile] diurnal_lee and kronos999 by then. When I read the post, I ran downstairs to [personal profile] diurnal_lee in a flurry and we squeed a lot. Then we decided it would be awesome to do a group one and started yelling for kronos999 (who doesn't listen to podfic but couldn't withstand the collective squee!).

When I fell into American Idol fandom I came to realize that my earlier idea that the fandom had a lot of podfic was completely wrong. podklb made a valiant effort to get the podfic on in that fandom but, at the time, there wasn’t even 30 hours of podfic (I can listen to 30 hours a week!). It was a pretty rude awakening. So, of course, the only thing to do was to start making more myself.

This year has totally been a podfic year for me. Yesterday I was looking at the podfic that I’ve made (and are posted publicly), I have 25 podfics and over 21 1/2 hours, 21 of those (over 13 hours worth) made this year. Not to mention the podfic things I’ve run (the Critical Feedback Exchange, [community profile] multipodicity and [info - personal] ai_podfic) and all of the various meta conversations I’ve had all over the place. I ♥ podfic so much!

I find it interesting that kira_dark_wing chose this term for me. Maybe because we’re in a musical fandom? Music has been important to me for a long time but I’ve been feeling lately like I’ve been disconnected from it for a while.

When I was a kid my love for singing had me singing whenever I had a chance. I would join all the musical programs at school. In middle school, when it was offered, I joined the band and stayed in it all the way through high school (even when the high school band class sucked). If I wasn’t such a practical person (I need regular paychecks too much) I think I would have gone into music professionally.

When I was kid/teenager I would always be listening to music. I would have the radio on or CDs playing. And if I didn’t have something to produce music there was always something in my head. It was never silent around me.

When I went away to university I stopped listening to the radio that much but that’s when I discovered fandom and this awesome thing called vidding! Suddenly I was introduced to all this new and different music through vidding and all the music I listened to had all this extra meaning.

Somehow my fandom focus shifted to fic and vidding took a backseat and suddenly I wasn’t listening to music 24/7 (seriously, I used to even listen while I slept). Music lost a lot of its power for me. Coming into a music fandom was awesome for helping me fix that. I’m not quite back to the love of music that I used to be at (it doesn’t help that I’m mostly listening to pop and it’s not actually my favourite kind of music) but I’m getting there. :)

Ha, despite what kira_dark_wing said, it still seems like a bad thing for people to associate me with ranting. Although I can’t really deny that I’m a ranter. ;)

Ranting is kind of how I work through things in my head. If something is bugging me I just have to talk it out. I take a lot of my ranting off line these days, now that I can rant at [personal profile] diurnal_lee and kronos999 instead. (I love you guys!) Still, there was a decent amount of "meta" on my journal in the past few months that could also be called rants. :)

Wow, how to describe what fandom is for me. It’s such a huge part of my life that I can’t really think of what I used to do before I found fandom. I’ve always been a fannish person even back when I was a kid watching Sailor Moon.

When I met raxhel at university and she introduced me to online fandom it was all over for me. I started off just watching vids, then I discovered fic, soon I was on LJ, making vids and running comms. Sometimes I’m more into fandom than other times but it never really goes away for me. And now that I live with fangirls it’s really easy to fangirl all the time. Fandom has added so much to my life. Most of my friends I met through fandom (OMG, how much do I love [info - personal] ottawa_slashers!?), I have amazing friends online and much of my free time is spent doing fandom things. I love it. :D
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