Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Halloween at Work

So, at my work, they take Halloween pretty seriously.

My department went as Alice in Wonderland

(the Mad Hatter's Tea Party table)

I went as the Cheshire Cat. Those stripes where a bitch and were droopy all day :( When they started falling off, one of my coworkers said it was because I was starting to go invisable.

Alice and the Mad Hatter.

Tweedle Dee and... well, we decided to call them both Tweedle Dee since no one wanted to be Tweedle Dumb.

The one on the right was the White Rabbit before he went down the rabbit hole and the one on the left is the Wonderland White Rabbit . I don't have pictures but the guy on the left, while part of our department actually sits on the otherside of the building. He made the entrance to his cubicle look like a tree with a hole in it, and the entrance to our department was also a tree with a rabit hole.

The White Queen.

The March Hare, the Door Mouse and the Red Queen.

The Catipillar.
Tags: pics, rl, work
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