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An Actual Update!

It feels like forever since I've made an actual, non-podfic post. Although, I can't really call this post a non-podfic one :P

Just an FYI, I've mostly been hanging out on Twitter lately, if you're on there and want to follow me, I'm @paraka12.

I've been feeling kind of stressed lately and oddly enough, half of that has been fandom related, with the other half being work related.

I don't know if I talked about it here but I recently applied for a new position at work and didn't get it. I was pretty devastated about that for a while, although I've come to terms with it now. It was really discouraging, since it seemed like they took all of my skills and strengths and created a position based on those. I couldn't help but feel like if I couldn't get that job, when I was so perfectly suited for it, how am I ever going to get another job?

So, to help cheer me up, I turned to fandom. I think, maybe, I was a little too zealous. :-/ I am obsessed with podfic. This is a fact no one here should be surprised by. But because podfic fandom is still so small, I feel more of a need to participate. Also, I am protective of it like a mother. This means that as I search out where people are talking about podfic, I sometimes get offended meta ideas when I see people missing the point of podfic, or making it seem like it's this weird substandard thing. Which is how I end up spending two weeks of my life obsessively following/writing podfic meta. :P

I've also been a little stressed about the various podfic projects I have going on. I signed up for podbang again this year, twice (like last year). Once on my own and once as part of group slashpad. Back in September I waffled on what I'd do for my solo podfic but settled on an awesome story and have 1/3 of it recorded and mostly edited.

For the group podfic we were assigned someone who wanted podfic in fandoms that I'm not in so I left it to [personal profile] diurnal_lee and kronos999 to find us a fic. Last year we just happened to stumble on a fic that was perfect for us, as a group, to do. With retrospect we realized what made In From the Cold so great for a group reading so this year we went out looking for that kind of fic. We didn't want to just break a fic up into 3 parts and read it, we wanted one where each voice would be representing something different (like different POVs or time shifts).

Podbang assignments went out in September and here we were, at the end of October, still without a fic chosen (cue me being stressed). I wasn't in the fandoms that the requester asked for but I couldn't just leave it so I would randomly hit up people and ask if they had any suggestions, without much luck. Until Tuesday, when I emailed roga, who is awesome and also my hero. She emailed me back that same day with a big list of possible fics and right in the middle of her recs, there it was. The perfect fic for us! ♥ ♥ ♥

I finished reading it yesterday and despite not being in the fandom and being really monofannish, I completely loved it (and want more!). I emailed the author and she was awesome and responded right away with permission. My biggest dilemma about this fic was having to decide which part I wanted to read, they were all so good! The fic has been divided up and they're all fairly equal parts (unlike last year when I had 3+ hours of the 5 1/2 hour podfic). I can't wait to start recording.

If having to finish two podbangs this month isn't going to keep me busy enough, I've signed up for NaNoWriMo for the first time. Knowing my schedule for the next month, I don't know if I'll make it but [personal profile] diurnal_lee runs most of the Ottawa write ins so that'll help. I've had this one Kradam fic idea in my head, almost since I joined the fandom and am going to use NaNo as an excuse to actually sit down and write it. Wish me luck!

Tonight is the NaNo launch part and it's going to be huge (50+ people compared to ~35 people last year). It should be fun though.

We're also going to be hosting a Halloween party (with a fannish theme) at our place on Saturday. We did one last year and had fun so we're thinking it can be an annual tradition. Mostly it's going to be a dinner party with movies afterward :)

Last year we kronos999 went all out decorating the place. We liked the decorations so much that most of them stayed up. So here are some of the pictures from last year, to give you an idea how geeky our house is.

When you enter the door, this is on the wall, leading to the living room:

Which leads to:

Then we have some fandom specific walls:


A Puddlejumper going through a 'gate.


The Doctor.

Dean and the Impala! kronos999 spent forever putting that one up. This year, for Christmas, she make a little Castiel angel that sits on top of that lamp, watching over Dean :P

And in the basement, we've got these kick ass girls :D



Last year I dressed up as Donna Noble for the party, this year, I'm totally going as Adam Lambert :D When kronos999 was trying to think of what to go as, I suggested she wear plaid and we could go as Kradam but then we decided she was too tall to be Kris (I'm 5'5" she's 5'10" - taller than Kris :P).
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