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So, I might have mentioned it to a few of you, but I've made it, like, a personal goal to have 50 hours of public podfic in the AI8 RPF fandom by the end of the year. Not 50 hours by me, but 50 hours total.

And because I seemed to have embraced spreadsheets as a way of life, I have a lot of detailed information on the current status of podfic. Since I mentioned this to choose2live, and she mentioned that she doesn't have 35 and a half hours of AI podfic so must be missing some, so I... am posting a chart. Of all the AI8 RPF podfic (ordered in alphabetical order by podficer). If I'm missing any, please, OMG please, let me know and I'll love you forever add it to the list.

As I also mentioned to choose2live, I'm willing to bribe people to help reach this goal. So, if you think you can be bribed into helping, name your price and I'll see what I can do :D

One more thing, if a podfic is labled "Kradam" that means Kradam is a pairing in it, but it may not be the main pairing or there may be other non-Kradam pairings. Like Building Jerusalem is more Adam/Katy/Kris, for example. Clicking the link should give you more info.

Note: I will no longer be updating this table. Please see this post at ai_podfic instead.

Link to PodficPodficerKradam?Podfic Length
Brand New Shoes[personal profile] 2naonh3_cl2Kradam0:55:54
That Old Black Magic[personal profile] 2naonh3_cl2Kradam0:40:24
City of a Thousand Wonders[personal profile] 2naonh3_cl2Kradam1:23:8
Out Damn'd Spot4nu815Kradam0:7:39
Orchestration[personal profile] amproofKradam0:14:40
Pocket-Sized[personal profile] amproofKradam0:15:50
This World You Must Have Crosseddiane_mckayKradam1:05:32
Raise Your Hopeful Voicediane_mckayKradam2:00:24
High time We Make a Standdiane_mckayKradam0:11:51
Holy Cow, I Love Your Eyesdiane_mckayKradam0:26:34
Clocks Keep Ticking, Years Go Bydiane_mckayKradam0:24:37
Kris and [His Newly Found Dislike of] Bass Players diane_mckayKradam0:09:08
Take What We Want[personal profile] podklbKradam0:47:29
Paper Gangsta[personal profile] podklbKradam1:36:22
All These Things That I've Done[personal profile] podklbKradam1:35:1
Hiding in Plain Sight[personal profile] podklbKradam0:18:24
Far Along This Road[personal profile] podklbKradam2:54:19
Two Beer Queer[personal profile] podklbNon-Kradam0:5:26
Just One Sheep[personal profile] podklbKradam0:52:45
Sugar and Spice[personal profile] podklbKradam0:11:8
Building Jerusalem[personal profile] podklb, [personal profile] poppetawoppet, [personal profile] shiningartifactKradam3:45:49
Not a Tame Lion[personal profile] korestemenosNon-Kradam0:10:16
Far Along This Roadlunchy_munchyKradam2:53:5
They Come in Threeslunchy_munchyKradam1:23:20
A Matter of Inconveniencelunchy_munchyKradam2:3:24
Best Laid Plans[personal profile] nantahalaKradam0:10:26
Unstuck[personal profile] parakaKradam0:22:0
#krisallenpinkranger[personal profile] parakaKradam0:56:15
Sam[personal profile] parakaKradam0:15:28
The Bargain[personal profile] parakaKradam0:13:37
Many Colors, Not Just One[personal profile] parakaKradam0:8:25
From Adam to Kris[personal profile] parakaKradam0:56:54
Four PM[personal profile] parakaKradam0:9:24
A Chance Meeting[personal profile] parakaKradam0:10:14
Aesthetic Alchemy[personal profile] parakaNon-Kradam1:56:51
One AM[personal profile] parakaKradam0:6:59
It Is, It Is a Glorious Thing[personal profile] parakaKradam0:40:38

Husband-Revealing Magical Lemonade (or, How Kris Learned to Keep Calm and Just Go with It)
[personal profile] parakaKradam0:46:33
Zombies Ate You Idols[personal profile] pennyplainknitsKradam0:18:25
One AM[personal profile] revolutionaryjoKradam0:4:55
Four PM[personal profile] revolutionaryjoKradam0:8:0
But I Still Have Dreams[personal profile] revolutionaryjoKradam0:39:2
House of the Livingrhea314Kradam1:37:52
Life in a Box[personal profile] shiningartifactKradam0:28:3
Hungry Boys[personal profile] shiningartifactKradam0:12:30
Don't Ask Don't Tell[personal profile] shiningartifactNon-Kradam0:6:25
More Myself With You[personal profile] shiningartifactKradam1:48:52
The Epiphany Series[personal profile] shiningartifactKradam0:27:13
Heart LineweddingbeachesKradam0:16:11
That Guy[personal profile] zabiraKradam0:32:10
Something More[personal profile] zabiraNon-Kradam0:7:28
57 Podfics18 podficersTotal Time:42:29:03
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