Paraka (paraka) wrote,

My Podfic Stats

Is anyone getting tired of me talking about podfic yet :P It seems like all my journal contains lately is podfic stuff, or PSAs on copyright reform.

Anyway, after posting that podfic last night, I was curious as to how much podfic I've made. And the grand total is (by fandoms with the most hours):

Supernatural RPF (2)
1:56:51 (Aesthetic Alchemy - AI8 X-over)
5:08:00 (In From the Cold)
7:04:51 (total)

American Idol S8 RPF (9)
0:56:15 (#krisallenpinkranger)
0:15:28 (Sam)
0:13:37 (The Bargain)
0:08:25 (Many Colors, Not Just One)
0:56:54 (From Adam to Kris)
0:09:24 (Four PM)
0:10:14 (A Chance Meeting)
1:56:51 (Aesthetic Alchemy - SPN RPF X-over)
0:06:59 (One AM)
4:47:08 (total)

Torchwood (1)
2:48:38 (Pocket Watch Boy)

Stargate Atlantis (2)
0:34:05 Linguistics
0:42:25 (Way back, I did a podfic of A Supermarket in California for [profile] paradise_city I never publicly posted it, however it is a completed podfic, so I'm sort of counting it).
1:16:30 (total with A Supermarket in California)

Queer as Folk (1)
0:22:20 (Blissed)

Terminator (2)
0:14:55 (Convergence)
0:07:04 (Ficlet Meme)
0:21:59 (total)

Star Trek Reboot (1)
0:19:19 (I'm Just a Jealous Guy, which I took down at the author's request, so is no longer public)

Circle of Magic (1)
0:11:54 (A Cup Full of Comets)

Alles Was Zählt (1)
0:06:54 (Schön)

Numb3rs (1)
0:05:30 (Coping Skills)

Total of Public Podfic (18)

Total of Completed Podfic (20)

So that kind of detail is probably only interesting to me. However the total comes to 18 public podfics in 9 fandoms totaling over 14 hours, or 20 finished podfics in 10 fandoms totaling over 15 hours.
Tags: podfic, stats
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