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Monday is coming too soon. :(

*sigh* I'm soo not ready for this weekend to be over. It's been a nice weekend where I mostly relaxed but also got things done, like vacuuming and buying bedside tables.

I also finished a podfic today that I'll hopefully be able to post soon. I found myself oddly nervous asking the author for permission. I guess this is the first podfic I've had to ask permission on since I had to take that Star Trek one down and now I'm worried the author will say no. I really hope not since I think the podfic turned out really well and I can't wait to share it. Yay! The author just got back to me and it was a yes. :D Fic will be posted as soon as I find out how to pronounce the author's name. :S

I also did some work on (this is) not a statement although I feel less accomplished about that one. In my head I was already finished chapter 3. Turns out I'm only finished the first page of chapter 3 :-/ I tried to do some recording after dinner but first I was really off and stumbling all over the place, then the neighbours started playing music really loudly and I'm afraid that it was being picked up on the recording. If so, I got nothing tonight :(

Speaking of (this is) not a statement, I've noticed that in the AI podficing fandom it's not uncommon for people to post podfics as WIPs. I'll be honest it never really occurred to me before to post a podfic before it was done however I wonder if people would be interested in my doing so for this fic. I know that, even though I wish the podfics were complete, I still listen to the AI WIPs simply because there isn't that much podfic in the fandom and I need me some podfic. :P Also, posting it as a WIP would definitely motivate me to work on it faster and would make sure that I finish it.


In other, non-podfic news, I soooo don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I have a big mess waiting for me, which actually kept me up at night this weekend. :-/

In good news though, I'm going back to New York City in September! Only for a weekend by still! Vacation!

Oh, and as of June 30th, I've owned my house for a full year! Weird to believe that I've only been living with kronos999 and [personal profile] diurnal_lee for about a year. It seems like forever. They're such awesome room mates ♥



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Jul. 5th, 2010 08:58 am (UTC)
Hi. Knowing you were processing "Statement" I reread it over the weekend. I had forgotton how fantastic a story it was. Superb writing and I know you will do it justice.
I see what your saying because it's very very long. If you decide to post it as a WIP you would have to promise to finish it on pain of something. haha Once we all hear this we will be chomping on the bit to hear the rest. There are 1 or 2 WIPs I'm still waiting on and it's tough being patient and at the same time worrying that the reader will lose interest.
I'm really looking forward to this. There are some really intense moments. Just know the promise of this from you is delightful.
Jul. 5th, 2010 11:34 am (UTC)
It really is a fun story. :)

If you decide to post it as a WIP you would have to promise to finish it on pain of something.
Yeah, although putting it out there would definitely make sure I finish it because I would hate to have something only partially done out there. And with podfic you don't really ahve the excuse to not finish, since author's can say they lost their vision or whatever, but with podfic, the story is already done, you just have to finish reading it.

I think I will start to post the parts of Statement. Although I might try to get a little more recorded first.
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