Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Critical Feedback to Anatsuno

Name: [personal profile] anatsuno
Title: Fun With Comas by Toft
Fandom: SGA
Length: 50:37
Link: MP3 version or Audiobook MP4 version on the Audiofic Archive.

This was a hard review to do since I've listened to [personal profile] anatsuno's podfics for a long time now and generally like her style and reading. I also tend to be a rather forgiving listener since most of the time I'm listening to podfic on my computer at work while doing other things. Little mistakes or annoyances will be missed as I have half my attention on whatever I'm doing for work and I don't have to worry about sound issues as much as those listening on a portable device.

So, on the surface everything about this podfic seemed great. However that's not really helpful feedback for a critical feedback exchange, so I dug down and made sure to pay extra close attention to things as I listened. Some of this is getting nit picky, but that's because that was pretty much all I could find.

I felt that there was too much information in the intro or that it could have been said a little more succinctly. For example, I don't think it's really needed to explain that this is a podfic recording and the title and author's name were given twice during the intro.

Overall I enjoyed the reading of this fic. The matter of fact way most of the story was delivered worked well with John's inner thoughts. I though [personal profile] anatsuno also did a good job of working some of John's panic through, and I liked the energy she added to Rodney's character.

I did find, at times, that her pronunciation could have been a bit clearer. For example at ~3:26 there's a conversation with John, Teyla and Keller. At one point I thought she said Keller when really she said Teyla and it was confusing for a moment since Teyla was arguing against Keller. Or at 13:18 I'm not exactly sure what was being said here. I think it's a name but it wasn't all that clear.

Generally I'm distracted enough while listening that I don't even notice but it did throw me out of the story for a second or two when I listened more carefully. Part of that too might have just been because I have a different accent than [personal profile] anatsuno but it could easily be fixed by more careful pronunciation. Most of the fic seemed to be carefully read, it just seemed a few spots here and there where she sped up a bit.

Volume/Sound Quality
This was a nice clean recording. I didn't notice any unusual background noises or low level hums. I will note that, while I could hear the podfic perfectly fine at my computer at home, I tried listening to the podfic in the car and couldn't turn it up loud enough to hear, so perhaps a higher volume might be helpful to those with portable devices.
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