Paraka (paraka) wrote,

*iz sad*


So, [profile] kronos999 and I were in our basement today watching our stock market course when, out of nowhere, the big glass light shade on the ceiling light fell down. Right onto my lap. It was kind of surprising, and kind of started to hurt as the heat of the shade penetrated my clothes, but [profile] kronos999 rescued me by picking it up with a blanket from my lap ([personal profile] diurnal_lee's suggestion). We went on to continue watching out class and everything seemed ok. Until I opened my laptop, which had been on my lap.

I guess it caught some of the blow since the screen is completely cracked. About 2/3 of it is completely white and grey with no picture, and I have to big cracks that go completely across the screen. One of them has already started flowering out black.

This pretty much kills my laptop. :(

Good thing I got my new, vidding computer yesterday.

I'm just thankful it didn't hit me on the head, since I'm pretty sure that would have meant a trip to the hospital. On the bus, in my pj pants and without a bra.

Damn, I think it's setting in slowly that I've lost my lap top. I might cry later.

Tags: computer
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