Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Looking for MP3 Player Recs

Now that I'm living in my own house, I've been busing to work since I don't have a car. The bus ride is kind of boring though. Also, I have to leave the house more than an hour before my shift starts when it's really only a 15 minute drive from my place to work. This has been making me want to get a car.

While I could technically afford a car, it would be kind of tight, also if one of my roommates moved out, I'd be kind of screwed.

So, in order to avoid the cost of a car, I've decided that buying a top end MP3 player is much cheaper. That way, at least I'll be less bored on the bus to and from work.

Can anyone rec a good MP3 player to me?

I'm looking for something with a largish screen, since I'd like to be able to read .txt files from it (fic!). I also wouldn't mind putting some of my favourite vids on it. I'd also want something with a decent amount of space on it, and room for removable space would be even better (like an SD or microSD slot). Oh, and I hate it when you have to use a certain program in order to add files to the player, I much prefer ones where you can drag and drop or use on a stranger's computer if need be.

For various reasons, I'm kind of anti-Apple, so suggestions for other manufacturers would be awesome.
Tags: help

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