Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Dear Lord

Once, just once, I would like for news of a shows cancellation to not be met with internet petitions and letter writing campaigns.

I know, I know, I've participated in them as well but the fact that every time a show is cancelled, no matter how long the run, or how ready it is to go, that people get all up in arms and try and stop it, well, it gets a little tiring.

Numb3rs has had 6 seasons. That a lot. The only show that I've watched that has had more was SG-1 and I watched the whole thing within a year and wasn't fannish about it, so I tend not to count it.

It's just, you'd think that the more campaigns of this kind that go on, the less weight they carry with them each time they happen. Can we not save our efforts for the great shows that are killed before their time and actually have a chance of succeeding (I loved SGA and Terminator to pieces but while I may have raged against their untimely cancellation, I never participated in the campaigns to keep them, since I knew TPTB were not going to listen no matter what).
Tags: fandom, fandom: numb3rs
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