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I haven't really been on LJ since last Thursday. I spent all my free time this weekend angsting and cleaning up so haven't had a lot of time. Also, I've fallen behind on my shows so don't want to get spoiled. I owe people comments and hope to get to them soon.

In other news, what's with the Merlin fandom and incest fics? I don't really have any issues with incest in fics, hell, I've had two fandoms where incest pairings were my main pairing, however I've never really gotten why people feel the need to throw incest into a non-canon pairing for fics. It seems like this round of [info] kinkme_merlin is just filled with incest prompts and I find this weird. And in some cases icky (mostly when I say I'm ok with incest I mean I'm ok with consensual incest between family members of the same generation that isn't porny while they're still really young. I find it a lot harder to take with you get different generations involved and/or the kids are really really young).

And, while we're on the subject of Merlin, last week's episode.
I'll admit that I haven't been loving this season as much as I loved last season, however, last week's episode TOTALLY MADE UP FOR THAT!!!
I am so in love with this episode THERE ARE NO WORDS, ONLY CAPS LOCK CAN EXPRESS MY GLEE!!!!
Seriously, I got about 5 minutes into it and let out a squee so loud I woke [info - personal] diurnal_lee up. Then I ran downstairs and made [info] kronos999 watch it with me.

When Arthur started directing the soldiers to find Merlin, I totally groaned and though "No Arthur! It's Merlin, how can you do this!?" Then he ran into his room and told Merlin to go and that's when I squealed. :D

*happy sigh*
But seriously, this is the kind of episode I love. The actress who played the troll did an amazing job. And Uther was totally creepy with his besotted look. The slash dragon giggling! Merlin under Arthur's bed (and was it just me, or did Arthur's reaction make you think he and Gwen slept together?) Insecure!Arthur wondering if his father loved him enough. Arthur putting his trust in Merlin ♥


This is totally the kind of episode I love. I've found this season that it seems like we're not getting enough screen time for Merlin and especially Arthur. Both alone and together. This episode seemed to have the perfect amounts of them both and the right kinds of emotions. I hope there are more episodes like this to come :D

I so want someone to write an episode tag for this ep, where Arthur has to deal with everyone coming to him for a solution to the problem. And have Arthur feel all conflicted because what everyone is doing is treasonous, but also shows the loyalty he has gained over the years.
Tags: fandom: merlin, fic, lj

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