Paraka (paraka) wrote,

How do I get myself into these things.

Today, specifically this afternoon, has been a crazy whirl wind for me. I saw last night on my flist that someone (in this case [info - personal] yhlee had decided to start a Yuletide challenge for vidders. This made me happy because vidders are sadly excluded from [info - community] yuletide (which is strictly fic based) *and* [info] yuletart (which is an art based Yuletide that also excludes vidding... and I think manips).

[info - personal] yhlee, however, was asking the comm how they'd like to see the exchange run. If you've ever gotten into a conversation with me, you'll know I can be a little... opinionated. :P
So of course I was all over the comments and now have volunteered to host the archive for all the vids (happy surprise, but it turns out my hosting changed my disk space and bandwidth to unlimited while I wasn't looking).

Except, I don't just want to host the stuff, no, I want it to be an *awesome* *site*. Have I ever made an awesome vidding archive site before? No. But strangely that isn't stopping me. Even though I have a ton of prep to do for Halloween I still managed to spend some time tonight on my hosting company's wiki finding out about services that will help and Googling prewritten scrips (god I so cannot start anything from scratch, but I might be able to cobble some things together...).

So, I may be flailing in posts asking questions like "Has anyone ever had a web interfaced uploading service on their site before?"

Of course, all this means I'm not going to have any time to participate myself, however I still think this'll be awesome fun! :D
Tags: yulevid
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