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I've been so restless at work lately, just not wanting to do anything :S

However I'm getting super excited about Halloween. The house is really beginning to look awesome and I'm sure come Saturday you're all going to be spammed with pictures and squee. :D It's been all I can do to not start posting pictures and plans already but most of the people coming to the party are already on my flist and I want it to be a surprise for them.

We're starting to decorate at work too. Where I work Halloween is rather intense. Since my department has more people than desks, I actually sit in another department. The other department said I could only sit at my desk on Halloween if I joined them in their department's theme. Which was fine with me, however when my own department was having a meeting, I had to leave while they discussed Halloween stuff because they felt I had abandoned them. It's all very competitive. Also, there are prizes for the best department theme as well as for individual costumes. I'm pretty sure my father is going to win for "I Can't Believe You Wore That" since he's going as "Lady Luck" and has this short little green skirt and tank top outfit with a wig that looks *horrible*.

At first I was searching online for a cheap wedding dress but couldn't find one in my size and price range that could get here on time, so instead I'm going as a rather lame card dealer at a casino (the department theme is Vegas casino). I do however have a poker table set up in my cubicle so I feel that will get me extra points.

Now, I just have to make a last minute stop to the party store, since my costume (for my party) requires me to dye my hair. I tried using real hair dye to do it but it seems that my hair is too dark and it came out as my normal hair colour, just a shade off in the direction I wanted it to be :( I'm just going to buy some of that really bright spray on stuff instead.
Tags: ottawa slashers, rl, work

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