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Fic Rec Post #2 (Sept 1-7)

Judging by how long it took me to write up my first rec post I don't think I'm going to be able to go with posting recs for an entire month at once, but I'll try doing it by the week. So here's my recs for Sept 1-7, 2009.

Also I have decided that Millie will be my official Fic Rec Icon. *nods*

Terminator Recs
Title: Conversations About The Inevitable by [info] powergrapes (MP3, read by twasadark)

Type: Het (Sarah/Derek, Sarah/Kyle), Prehet (John/Cameron)

Length: 1K-2K, 10-20 mins

Summary: John and Cameron on Sarah & Derek. And Kyle. Don't forget about Kyle.

Reason for the rec: This fic is about John and Cameron reflecting on the men in Sarah's life. I really like how Cameron is in turns confused by what's going on but then can explain the complex situation of human relationships in a simple concise manner. A really great portrayal of Cameron's character.

My Tags: UST, Established_Relationship

Title: Sensory Exploration by [info - personal] isagel

Type: Het (John/Cameron)

Length: 1K-2K

Summary: She lifts his hand to her face, presses his palm to her cheek. There are strips of skin missing along her jaw, across her forehead. He feels metal beneath his index finger.

Reason for the rec: I loved the bit about John leaving his mark on her metal sealing his touch under her skin. It was really strong imagery for me. I also love the idea that Cameron *can* act human, it's just that she and John decided she didn't need to around him. :)

My Tags: Future_Fic, First_Time

Title: Breath and Shadow by [info] ana_grrl

Type: Gen

Length: 1K-2K

Summary: There are things she remembers.

Reason for the rec: After the cliff hanger ending we got from the show (stupid fox, leaving us hanging! *shakes tiny fists of rage*) I tried to search out as much post-S2 fic as possible. This one is great, I really like the idea of Savanna and Sarah together, and of Savanna growing up in preparation for Judgment Day and after.

My Tags: Future_Fic, Awesome

Title: Eschatology by [info] charlie_d_blue

Type: Gen, Prehet (John/Cameron)

Length: 1K-2K

Summary: He doesn’t track time anymore, doesn’t want to, stops caring about the complexities of the tangled web his mother wove and instead plays at blood brothers.

Reason for the rec: OMG, this is such an awesome fic. Like I said on the last rec, I love post-S2 fic and this one just hits me in all the right places. We know that John kind of resents his future so that he tries to avoid it, to just be a soldier when he jumps to the future seems so natural. I love that even without trying he still becomes John Connor.

My Tags: Future_Fic

Title: Emigrant Pass by [info - personal] cofax7

Type: Gen, implied Het (John/Cameron)

Length: 500-1000 words

Summary: It's harder than you think, to survive in the time after the end of the world. Which is funny, really: you've spent all your life thinking about the end of the world, and the time afterwards.

Reason for the rec: Another post-S2 fic, but unlike the fic about this one is about John *choosing* to become John Connor.

My Tags: Future_Fic

Title: Holy Thursday, Day of Judgment by Lizardbeth

Type: Gen

Length: 2K-5K

Summary: "Your mom's tough," Derek said, as an aside to John. "She's had to be. My mom, before that day, I would've said she was soft. She worked at a bank, she did yoga, she liked to cook and do chick stuff like scrapbooking, and could never quite hide that she didn't like camping. But that day... she turned into the toughest person I've ever known."

Reason for the rec: Wow, what I wouldn't do for more fics like this. One of the intriguing things about the Terminator 'verse is that it's such a big question mark. It's set in a place where we all live but is so fundamentally different that it's hard to imagine. So it makes you question: What would I do if I lived in the future? Would I survive? What would happen on Judgement Day?
This fic is about Judgement Day from Derek's perspective and does a great job of showing both the good, the bad and the overall confusion of the time.

My Tags: Future_Fic

Title: Seven Sunday Mother-Daughter Mornings by [info - personal] hradzka

Type: Gen, Het (Savannah/OMC)

Length: 2K-5K

Summary: Catherine Weaver wins. Then what?

Reason for the rec: This fic made me fall in love with the Weavers. Their whole family dynamic is so intriguing. The dynamic between the two of them is so interesting. I cannot recommend this fic highly enough.

My Tags: Future_Fic

Title: Terminator: The Series by [info] hackthis

Type: Prehet (John/Cameron)

Length: 500-1000

Summary: After she is gone, the Terminator turns back to her creator and watches him some more. She is waiting for the day he wakes up and sees her for what she is. His creation, his sentinel guard, the woman he created to never leave him alone again.

Reason for the rec: Really, I just love any fic that can be written from Cameron's POV and *work*.

My Tags: UST

Title: Evolving in Circles by [info] heartfacsimile

Type: Het (John/Cameron, John/Kate)

Length: 2K-5K

Summary:When John finally realizes his destiny, Cameron's left alone to figure out her evolving humanity. And Derek Reese becomes a sort-of friend.

Reason for the rec: OMG this is such an amazing fic. We see over the course of the show that Cameron is slowly picking up human tenancies and this fic just takes that further. It shows us how her emotions grow, how she'll never really be human but how she's no longer a machine either. It's so heartbreaking. That John abandons her but she can't help but remain loyal. She's so stuck on John. That the same happens to Derek and that they turn to each other for (platonic) comfort. So good!

My Tags: UST, Awesome

Title: Manipulation by [info] hearfacsimile

Type: Het (Derek/Allison, implied John/Cameron)

Length: <500

Summary: Cameron is responsible for the protection of John Connor. Sometimes that requires methods more subtle than a 9mm.

Reason for the rec: This is another fic that gives us an interesting perspective of Cameron's internal workings. This shows her as being far more human, or actually, having access to human trains of though, more than I typically imagine her having but it's still worth reading.

My Tags: Established_Relationship

Title: Tin Girl, or The Story of Cameron Philips by [info] delgaserasca

Type: Gen

Length: 1K-2K

Summary: "My dad sells tractors," she says, "what about yours?"

Reason for the rec: I like how this fic explains the difference between the Cameron Philips we see at the very beginning of the show and Cameron-the-terminator-who-struggles-to-imitate-humans the rest of the show. How Cameron is a construct that dies a quick death once her primary programming kicks in.

My Tags: Future_Fic

Title: Joseki by livii

Type: Het (John/Cameron)

Length: 2K-5K

Summary: "John Connor will die for his beliefs," Cameron says. "But he is a happy man for it; he is a good man, for it. Other people do not die. They merely stop living."

Reason for the rec: I like the idea of Cameron being all manipulative that is told in this fic. How she's intentionally reminding them all the time of what she is so that they won't forget how dangerous terminators are and that she's not a human.

My Tags:

Title: Reese Boys by [info - personal] indiefic

Type: Gen

Length: 2K-5K

Summary: The motto changed. Reese Boys. They were the two Reese Boys. Just the two of them against the world. They were all each other would ever need.

Reason for the rec: I love this look into Derek's past. How he's so stuck on his family. How he learned so much from Future!John yet he still hated John.

My Tags: Future_Fic, Family

Title: Futures (A Cold Night For A Lifetime) by [info] powergrapes

Type: Het (Sarah/Derek, John/Kate, Sarah/Kyle, John/Cameron)



Reason for the rec: This is such a beautiful fic. Everyone is working so hard towards stopping Judgement Day but what would they really do if they succeeded? They've all spent far too much time looking over their shoulders, being en guard to ever let go, even if the threat is removed. I also really like the pairings and UST in this fic, showing people settling and surviving without a great destiny. They are happy, most of the time, like most people. However they also have such clearer ideas of what it is they regret, or things they know could have gone differently, than a lot of people do.

My Tags: Future_Fic, UST, Family

Stargate Atlantis Recs
Title: Advantage by [info - personal] resonant (MP3 or M4B, read by [info - personal] dodificus)

Type: Slash (John/Rodney)

Length: 15K-25K, 1:30-2:00 hours

Summary: This slave-owner thing was a lot of responsibility.

Reason for the rec: This is another oldie but goodie that pretty much everyone in the fandom has already read but is totally worth rec'ing again. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to this podfic. It's just so in character for John to have a chemical compulsion to serve Rodney and for *Rodney* to be the one feeling put out by it. Also, the sex is super hot. :)

My Tags: Slavery First_Time Awesome

Title: The Summer House Series by [info - personal] rageprufrock: Summer House, Shore Leave, Sabbatical (Podfic read by [info - personal] podfic_lover [link leads to the multiple entires at the Audiofic Archive available in both MP3 and M4B format])

Type: Starts as Preslash (John/Rodney), has some implied Het (Rodney/Sam) and then moves onto full on Slash (John/Rodney)

Length: 10K-15K, 1:00-1:30 hours

Summary: This is a crossover with SGA and Eureka. Here are the summaries for the individual stories:
Summer House - Among the citizens of Eureka, Rodney McKay has a completely different sort of reputation.
Shore Leave - Whipped, Jack thought, totally, totally whipped.
Sabbatical - "I've been watching a lot of CSI," John says, eyes crazy.

Reason for the rec: While I only have the basic premise of Eureka I still was able to enjoy this cross over. It's cute and I can really see John and Rodney deciding to retire in a town like Eureka where Rodney can continue to be a mad scientist and John can hang out with the sheriff and commiserate about how crazy scientists are.

My Tags: Crossover, They_Do_Crazy_Things_for_Each_Other, AU, Earthside_AU, Shunning, H/C, First_Time

Title: Standing in For Atlas by [info] laytoncolt (MP3, read by [info] hack_benjamin22)

Type: Gen

Length: 2K-5K, 20-30 mins

Summary: Rodney never really wanted to be a hero.

Reason for the rec: Death_Fic, Earthside, Genocide

My Tags: There are a lot of problematic situations presented within SGA, for all that it could be a completely ridiculous show. This fic does a great job of showing the grey area that the characters have to work with. I always found it interesting that in the show Rodney, and to some extent John, were pointed to as the ones that were slightly morally bankrupt, where as characters like Elizabeth and Carson were shown as the more morally responsible. Yet when you look at their actions Elizabeth and Carson preformed more morally dubious or outright wrong actions than Rodney or John ever really did. I think it's more that our boys are more willing to make a call in a split moment. That's what happens in this fic and Elizabeth really doesn't handle it well.

Title: Returning Hero by [info - personal] rasah (MP3, read by [info - personal] jenwryn)

Type: Slash (John/Rodney)

Length: 5K-10K, 30-45mins

Summary: WWII Pilot John Sheppard returns home from war, and tries to rekindle his relationship with injured lover Rodney

Reason for the rec: This was a fun historical AU.

My Tags: AU, Historical_AU, Earthside_AU, First_Time

Merlin Recs
Title: For You, My Liege, the World by [info - personal] eos_rose (MP3 or M4B, read by [info - personal] eos_rose)

Type: Het (Gwen/Lancelot, Gwen/Arthur) Preslash (Merlin/Arthur)

Length: 2K-5K, 10-20minds

Summary: Gwen and Lancelot cannot be allowed to get away with their betrayal of Arthur.

Reason for the rec: I liked that this fic dealt with what we know is coming. The Arthurian legends have that element of tragedy but out show is just so fun that we often want to forget what's coming. This is very dark but works for me.

My Tags: UST, Amnesia, Revenge

Title: Those Deep Places by [info - personal] svilleficrecs, (MP3 read by [info] rhea314)

Type: Slash (Merlin/Arthur)

Length: 2K-5K, 20-30mins

Summary: It is an unfamiliar feeling, but there it is, and once Arthur finds its name, he cannot unname it.

Reason for the rec: I love how Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic in this fic, it's just something that's stuck with me, long after I finished reading the fic.

My Tags: Merlin's_Magic_is_Revealed, First_Time

Misc Fandoms Recs
Title: When You Care Enough to Hit Send Series by [info - personal] chash (Link to the Podfic series on the Audio Archive [seriously you have no idea how messing the coding gets when I try to link to individual entries within the series it too me like an hour last night to figure it out for the Beltane series yesterday], podfics read by [info] juice817 and [info - personal] pennyplainknits)

Fandom: CW RPS

Type: Slash (Jared/Jensen, Mike/Tom)

Length: 25K-50K, 6-7 hours

Summary: It is the touching story of how Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles met in college and hooked up and then got together and found love! And e-cards.
Main characters: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles
Supporting Cast: Christian Kane, Steve Carlson, Chad Michael Murray, Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Sandra McCoy, James Marsters

Reason for the rec: This was just such a fun series. I love watching the guys freak out all over themselves and creating drama but still really loving each other.
All that I've learned about Mike and Tom, I've learned from RPS fic. I have some vague idea that they are on this show about a certain superhero together but that's about it. Still after this fic series I totally wanted to go out and find more Mike/Tom fic because they were so cute and awesome together in this.

My Tags:AU, College_AU, Breakup&Makeup, First_Time, Established_Relationship, Awesome

Title: A Fucking Space Opera by [info - personal] oxoniensis

Type: Gen, Het (Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Everyone)

Length: 2K-5K

Summary: Six Characters Who Didn't Board the USS Enterprise (crossover with Merlin, Stargate: Atlantis, Supernatural, Terminator and Harry Potter)

Reason for the rec: Hee. This is such a cute little fic. Also I totally adore the whole Kirk/Everyone vibe because he is such a man-slut. A very fun read.

My Tags: Crossover

Title: Cultural sensitivity: How much is enough? by [info] paradise_city

Summary: in the current environment of cultural sensitivity, how much working knowledge are we really expected to have of other cultures?

Reason for the rec: This was an interesting piece of meta on the reality vs. practicality when it comes to cultural sensitivity. I mean, ideally, we'd all just know the details on everyone's cultures but in this day of multiculturalism and in our international online world specifically that's impossible to do. You'll note I was all over the comments in this one. It was interesting to go back and read what I said in them, since I'm not sure I'd say the same things, in the same way if the conversation were to occur today.

My Tags: Cultural_Sensitivity, Culture

Note: I spoke to [info] paradise_city before posting this rec. She normally keeps her journal locked but unlocked this post so the people on my flist could see the discussion. However she won't be leaving it unlocked indefinitely.
Also, since she knows, if you want to comment on the post she won't be shocked at someone commenting on something 2 years old :P

If anyone has any comments or suggestions about my formating I'd be happy to hear them. :)
Tags: fandom: harry potter, fandom: merlin, fandom: spn rps, fandom: stargate atlantis, fandom: startrek reboot, fandom: supernatural, fic rec, meta, pairing: arthur/merlin, pairing: g, pairing: gwen/arthur, pairing: jared/jensen, pairing: john/rodney, pairing: mike/tom

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