Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Tonight's SGU

Hee. Apperantly my dad is a slasher!

So, I'm at home for part of the weekend since my nephew is visiting, and since my parents were channel surfing I suggested we stop and watch this week's ep of SGU.

Apparently they've decided (out of pretty much no where) that Matt and Chloe should have a sex scene and have Eli watch them run off together.

Eli looked all emo, as he watches them run off, and I made an "aww" noise. So my dad asked, "Is he in love with one of them? Is it the guy or the girl?"


In other news, are we really supposed to be worried that they're not going to rescue the ship? I mean half the main cast isn't on the escape pod. Oh well, there's still 20 minutes to go...
Tags: fandom: stargate universe
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