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Website Stats

So every once in a while I remember that I can check out my website stats and end trolling through them out of curiosity. It's always interesting, for example to see why certain sites link to you. Or to see what kind of search terms were used to find your site. Some of them can be really wierd. Like someone found my site using the search term fruit head photo WTF? I don't even know why that search term would point towards my site. *iz confuzzled*

Or while looking through the referrer links I saw that one lead back to a rec of one of my vids. It was an older rec for one of my more obscure vids and as I read it, it made me wonder if I had seen the rec before, only to hit the comments and find out I was like the only one to comment on the rec :P

And, since I'm looking at stats, I took a look at my YouTube stats as well. YouTube has such different standards when it comes to vids than LJ that it always kind of boggles my mind. On LJ my most popular vid, by far was Hurt. While Hurt doesn't do badly over there (unlike, say my Vance vid or Open Your Eyes), it's not really that popular either.
On the other hand, the two vids that I put together in the most slap dash way (there were deadlines involved and two due at once!) are my most popular ones. Justin's Hair at almost 80K views and Lovers at almost 40K views (and that's saying something since YouTube took it down for copyright violations like 2 years ago). God, had I known that Hair was going to turn out to be so popular, I definitely would have taken greater care when making it. It kind of makes me cringe to think that that's the vid I'm most... "famous" for.
Tags: fandom, vids

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