Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Oh Canada

Rick Mercer, I love you. From his rant:

And then it was the government's turn to respond and for this they chose that great parliamentarian John Baird. And did John Baird get up and say why they should survive? No. Instead John Baird stood up in the House of Commons and accused Michael Ignatieff, in front of all of Canada, of owning a condominium in Toronto that, wait for it, has a balcony. So if you're one of the two million Canadians that lives in a condo, with a balcony, be warned John Baird and the Conservative party do not condone your lifestyle.

That totally made me laugh. And really what else is Canadian politics good for these days except for a laugh.

In other news, I'm catching a cold. This is crap. :(
Tags: canada, politics, rl
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