Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Drunk Posting!!! Totally drunk posting

So, last night before watching SGU, we decided to get drunk tonight. Except [info - personal] diurnal_lee is pucking right now, and Merlin w;vmas aweosne but there wasn't enough sexing but Aruther totally knows abotu Merling, he has too.

Oh and Nimwey or however you spell her mane isn't alway email, sometimes just decing but not actrually hot at all.

And someone died. I'tm going to have to go to their funeral, bnut rigth now I just need to go to sleep because I gt far more drunk than [info] kronos999. blah, we need tp get jer driml amd sidime her.

Sorry if I'm hitting the wrong keys, I'm kind of drunk.

PS. I ope I don't regret this come morning. :DLDLD
Tags: drunk!!, fandom: merlin, rl
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