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*sigh* Merlin, so far you have disappointed me so much so far this season. I really hope you get better, because it's killing my fandom love.

It's like all the characterization from last season has now been flushed down the toilet. Arthur is back to being an über prat and they keep having him treat Merlin like crap for laughs. Arthur risked his life for Merlin *multiple* times last season, yet he was willing to throw Merlin over for Cedric in 201? It made no sense.

And I can't believe Merlin has just been taking it (also, the writers are not being subtle with the whole "I WISH PEOPLE COULD KNOW ABOUT ME" emoness from Merlin :( )

Gwen as a character seems completely unrecognizable from last season in how she acts. I could take the changes, if they would only *explain* it a bit. Like the death of her father has made her quieter, something.

This weeks episode drove me nuts because Gwen kept lecturing Arthur on how to be better, and he would be to her but then would go back and treat Merlin like dirt. It makes it seem like Arthur doesn't actually get what Gwen is saying at all but instead just wants to impress a pretty girl. Come on show, you're making me hate Arthur and I don't want that.

I also feel like they're moving the Arthur/Gwen relationship along far too quickly. Last season she had a thing for Lancelot and Merlin and now she's kissing Arthur? After no time at all? I mean, I can see what he's seeing in her, when I would look at the Merlin/Arthur relationship, I always felt that a large part of Arthur's respect for Merlin came from his willingness to stand up for himself to Arthur and now Gwen is doing the same and taking it a step further. I like that theory, I want to *believe* that theory but the more Arthur acts like a mean little prat to Merlin this season the less I'm able to.

God, I've seen a lot of squee on my flist for this week's episode but I just can't get excited over it myself.

I really hope the show picks up some. :(
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