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Merlin Fic Recs

So I was talking with [info - personal] keewick and offered to give her some Merlin fic recs. The list got a little too long for a comment, so here's a post for anyone who's interested.

-That Shall Achieve the Sword by [info - personal] astolat
This is a really awesome. It's a sequel to Beltane and Coming of Age, which were both interesting, but I find that the third story is by far the best (and you could probably get away without reading the other two stories if you wanted). Super Powerful Merlin FTW!
[info] fayjay and [info - personal] winkingstar made podifcs for all 3 stories if you're interested in listening to them.

-The Weight of Words by [info - personal] waldorph
I thought this was an interesting Arthur POV one, explaining why he is the way he is, why he likes Merlin and why he’s sometimes still a dick to Merlin.

-Misrule by [info - personal] thehoyden
This is a fun fic, with Merlin in a dress, which isn’t normally my thing but is fun nonetheless.

-Past Imperfect by [info - personal] thehoyden
A spell goes awry and confusion ensues. Very fun. :D

-Quickening Days by [info] mercurial_wit
Time-loop fic!

-Damsel in Distress by [info - personal] thehoyden (Podfic read by [info - community] twilight
Apparently the great dragon isn’t the only slash dragon.

-Woke Up New by [info] ficbyzee
Bodyswap fic!

-The Trouble with Unicorns by [info - personal] astolat
Arthur lost a bet to Morgana and can’t lose his virginity, very cute and funny.

-Four Times Merlin Cock-Blocked Arthur, and One Time He Didn't
by [info - personal] oxoniensis
Because cock blocking is always fun.

-Soldered by [info] julesoh
This is a lovely fic where Merlin and Arthur are connected.

-The Dragon was a Babble-mouth by [info] jade_dragoness
I like this fic for a couple reasons. I like how Uther is portrayed, as being a hard but still good father, and the hints that he wasn’t always so hard, and also, just the premise. Arthur kissing everyone in the hopes of finding one to love but completely forgetting Merlin, who grows steadily more jealous.

-Happily Ever After, My Arse by [info] hackthis
Merlin isn’t the only one to talk to the dragon. He’s also not the only one questioning how his destiny can be with someone like *that*.

-Tale of the Sea Serpent and Job Orientation by [info - personal] seperis
The sea serpent one is a prequel to Job Orientation. They were both fun fics. I loved Arthur wanting a pet sea serpent, and also Arthur being so stubbornly loyal to Merlin.

-Fostered by [info - personal] rageprufrock
Because Arthur as a mother hen is never not fun.

-Peach, Plum, Pear by [info - personal] sweetestdrain
Future fic where Merlin left long ago and Arthur misses him. I liked this one because it showed how there can be the tangled love stories with Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and Lancelot but still have them be happy.

-Warlock by [info - personal] aftertherain
This is such a heartbreaking story of Merlin’s magic being revealed to Uther and Arthur trying to help Merlin in what ways he can around Uther.

-A Thousand Different Skins by [info] tarayith
Merlin keeps turning into various animals. This is really cute and sweet and funny by turns.

-Favourite by [info - personal] astolat
This is just such an awesome fic. I love that politics of it, and how Arthur’s way of getting back at Merlin is to buy him presents. :P

-The Play's the Thing by [info] shinybug
This fic made me laugh so much. Older ladies trying to seduce Arthur, Merlin’s “help” to dissuade them and Arthur just generally being clueless.

And some AUs:
-Lord Drake's Bequest by [info - personal] pennyplainknits (Podfic, read by [info - personal] pennyplainknits)
This is a really cute modern day harlequin style story where they're forced to get married and the act stops being an act (I kind of adore harlequin style, so there may be a few of these).

-Defenders Of the Realm by [info - personal] lamardeuse (Podfic read by [info] fayjay)
This is a fun modern day AU where pretty much everyone but Merlin is a police officer and there's still magic and the slash dragon.

-Drastically Redefining Protocol by [info - personal] rageprufrock
I’m pretty sure everyone in the Merlin fandom has already rec’ed this fic but whatever, it’s worth rec’ing. Arthur as the Prince of Wales never stops being an awesome idea. I did feel that the end of the fic was a bit rushed but it didn’t stop me from staying up all night reading it when I first discovered it.

-We’re a Storm in Someone Else’s Teacup by [info] paperclipbitch
This fic, combined with Defenders of the Realm made me realize that I adore modern AUs where magic still exsists. This one is particularly awesome, where Merlin meets Morgana in a support group for people with super powers.
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