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So, because I am a crazy person, who obviously has so much free time (there's a reason why I haven't been on LJ for forever), I signed up for [info - community] amplificathon's Podbang challenge. Twice.
We got our assignments yesterday and we're allowed to leave notes for our readers. Mine got kind of long, so I'm posting it here, instead of as a comment. Fear not potential readers, I have IP logging off (except at DW, because I think it's on by default) and anon comments on should you have any questions.

Note before I begin: My response below is rather detailed. Giant disclaimer of everything just being a suggestion. I know I'm kind of freaking out about picking a fic to read and kind of hope that my receiver will leave a response like this, so.

Hello to my podfic reader(s),

I'm primarily a slasher, but not always. I listed off a couple fandoms in my sign up, but here they are again with pairings listed and in order of preference.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Het - John/Cameron)
->This is my current fandom love. I would *adore* a podfic for this fandom and pairing. The thing is, I don't know if any fics exist of the length required for this challenge. Most of the fics I find in this fandom are under 5K. I even checked the John/Cameron fic archive and the longest fic there was 20K (although I haven't read it). Crossovers would rock too (something like Mona Lisa Box, although it's not long enough). If you do managed to find something in the fandom, I really like future fics of John during the war, and anything dealing with the S2 finale.
So yeah, Terminator would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath.

Merlin (Slash - Arthur/Merlin)
-> Merlin is a new fandom for me, and I find myself wishing there was more podfic for it. Since this is kind of a new fandom for me, so I haven't quite found what kinds of fics I enjoy most. But fics where Merlin's magic is revealed are fun, and so are certain modern day AUs. I have some Merlin fics marked as "awesome" on my delicious account... it's just they're all either too short or else podfics already :-/ (oh, and I wouldn't put much stock in my delcious account, it's new, and basically a project where I bookmark everything I read to check out reading trends instead of fics that I'd rec to others or particularly loved).
If I were to give some fic suggestions (and you're under no obligation to chose any of the fics I suggest, obviously) I really liked the following:
We're a Storm in Somebody Else's Teacup by [info] paperclipbitch
Camelot's Sweethearts by [info] definewisdom
And I'm trying to find an non-AU fic that is long enough for this challenge and am failing miserably. All of the ones I have bookmarked are too short. I knew I should have gotten on reading the Merlin Big Bang entries...

Torchwood (Slash - Jack/Ianto)
-> I haven't delved too deeply into this fandom (and, you know, series 3 kind of made me want to throw in the towel), but I do wish there was more podfic for it. I particularly enjoy fics that manage to overcome Ianto dying (or Jack outliving him).
Suggested fics:
Get Loved, Make More, Try to Stay Alive (normally I wouldn't admit to liking mpreg in public, but this one's really good, also, mpreg is canon in Torchwood, so I feel no shame :)

Supernatural RPS (Slash - Jared/Jensen), Stargate Atlantis (Slash - John/Rodney)
-> Ok, the thing I love about these two fandoms are the sheer number of fun (earthside) AUs. The one where they're firefighters, assassins, foreign aid workers, cowboys, prostitutes, billionaires, or whatever. So if you choose one of these fandoms to do a podfic for, I'd love for it to be an AU (PS. you can never go wrong with harlequin fics).
I'm ok with Atlantis non-AUs, but I'll admit, I'm a little squicked by "canon" SPNRPS were they're working on the show (my mind, it is a weird place, IDEK). For fic suggestions I'd off up:
Hindsight by [info - personal] rageprufrock (SGA, although, oh god, that one's massively huge. I don't mean to ask for something that long, I actually have the problem of most of my favourite fics aren't long enough...)
Something Borrowed, Something Blue by [info - personal] belyste (SPNRPS)

Supernatural (Slash - Sam/Dean)
->My favourite kind of fics in this fandom are first time ones between the boys, preferable set before the show. I really like when they're late teenagers/early 20s and sometimes having to deal with hiding it from their dad. That said, however, the fic I'm going to suggest is none of those.
The Incestuous Courtship of the Antichrist's Bride by [info] fleshflutter

Reaper (Slash - Sam/The Devil)
-> I'll admit, I haven't been in this fandom very much. I don't even know if fic of this length even exists, it didn't last time I looked, but I love the show, and wish there was more out there for it.

So yes, my giant wish list. Everything up there is kind of detailed, again, because that's the kind of guidance I would like to have, not to box you in a corner. If there is a fic that you like and it fits one of those pairings/fandoms that'd be awesome too.
General guidelines for me: Crack, Harlequin, Crossovers, AUs, BDSM fic all =Awesome
Scatt, Unhappy Endings, Cheating Fic = not so fun.

Happy reading!
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