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3 Day Novel Weekend - Post #3

Oh god, visiting with family put me really far behind on my schedule. And now I'm tired and probably going to bed. :(

However John had finished all his official meetings for the day, gone on an existential walk and is now talking to Rodney McKay about reprogramming terminators. I did mention how this is a giant multi-fandom cross over fic, right?

This is my favourite bit so far:
"That seems a little optimistic," said Jack Harkness, another of John's soldiers, "but I certainly wouldn't mind something pretty to look at if we're going to have to play watch dog to them." Jack waggled his eyebrows as he said it, which brought some titters of laughter throughout the room.

Everyone who knew Jack wasn't surprised that he's say such a thing. Jack had a habit of flirting at anything that moved, even if it was a terminator trying to kill him. John had told Jack on more than one occasion to give it up, since it wasn't like a terminator would be swayed by Jacks handsome face or good humour, but Jack never stopped trying. With terminators or other humans. It had lead to more than one fight and originally had held him back as an officer, but John couldn't ignore Jack's combat history. No matter how dangerous a mission, no matter how hard, Jack always came back alive. Sometimes without his clothes, but John learned not to ask.
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