Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Bathroom of Doom.

So, I totally haven't been around at all lately, and I'm probably not going to really be back for another couple weeks. But I just had to post about this because it's so depressing :(

I knew when I got my home inspection that I'd have to take a look at my main bathroom because the toilet didn't seem to be on properly. My father, who has been doing a lot of the fixing up of my house, doesn't do plumbing at all, so he waited until my uncle who has done bathrooms could come and help before looking at it.

Well, last night was the night and now I don't have a bathroom anymore :S:S:S:S:S

The tore up the floor, actually, they tore up about 4 floors, it looks like the previous owners decided it'd be better to just put a new floor on top of the old one plywood and all. The vanity, toilet and bathtub are all gone too. The flooring was rotted through all the way down so we're going to have to strip right down to the beams.

[info - personal] diurnal_lee it's a good thing you saw your room last weekend, because it's not too impressive now since it's got the bathtub, sink and toilet in it at the moment.

I was afraid something like this would happen, but everyone kept telling me that they didn't think the bathroom thing would be a big deal, so I was totally shocked to have it happen. I'm also getting really annoyed with my mom who wants me to totally replace everything in my bathroom. And while yes, it does make more sense to replace things like the bathtub and toilet while we've got it out, it doesn't mean I can afford it.
Tags: *whine*, house!, rl
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