Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Boring Day

So, I really did nothing this weekend. Like at all. I slept, and organized my vids. Although I will say, that organizing my vids is quite the task. I've been doing it for over a week. When I first started I had about 1500 vids on my computer. I've deleted a bunch and the current count is 821. Of those left, 614 have been renamed so that all my files are in the format fndm-vid name-vidder (and man that really took the longest) and organized into folders. I have an additional 70 which have been renamed but not put into files yet.

Before this new organizational idea from me, I had been using WMP's star system to organize my vids. Which worked nicely when it was working, but I've had to wipe my computer or change computers a couple times since I started using that and the stars don't transfer over, so I was left having to reorganize each time. Now that I'm thinking of switching to Linux, I decided I needed a new system.

It's also nice to just clean up. In my early days online, I used to download every vid I came across, and being a pack rat, I kept it, even if it sucked. It was ridiculous how big my vid folder was getting. Now I've deleted a lot of the older, bad vids (or, you know the ones that weren't that bad, but now that I'm no longer in that fandom, I don't feel attached to). My vids folder is now down to a more manageable size of 21GBs.
Tags: vids

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