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So Many Things To Update About.

So Thursday night, I stayed up far too late listening to those horrible radio clips from the Rob, Arnie & Dawn Show. I not only stayed up too late listening to it, but just thinking about what they said kept me up. (Link for those that don't know what I'm talking about.) I might make a post on my thoughts on this, but I don't know if I can properly articulate what I'm feeling right now.

Friday was a really long day for me. Between being tired and still being a little sick. Also, after a week of having pretty much nothing to do at work, it seemed like everything was hitting me yesterday. So when I got home around 5 and was waiting for dinner, I laid down and next think I knew it was one in the morning. I got into my PJs and tried to go back to sleep, but oddly enough, wasn't tired, since I had, you know, been asleep for 8 hours! God. So I stayed up and futzed around on the internet before falling back asleep around 5am. Which meant I slept in until 8:30, and my family was afraid I was in a coma or something since as far as they knew I had been asleep the whole time.

I haven't really been in the mood to read fic lately, so after hearing some crazy stories about it, I finally went and checked out Misha Collins Twitter. Man, he's totally awesome. While poking around I saw that Jared and Jensen also have Twitters, theirs is less awesome. Their netspeak makes me want to cry :S But because of the awesomeness of Misha Collins, I finally gave in and got myself a Twitter. I'm paraka12 over there (because someone else had paraka, damn them!) if anyone would like to follow me, although I'm not sure how much I'll remember to update it. And don't worry flist, I don't plan on using LoudTwitter over here.
Tags: politics, rl, twitter

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