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Politics but not really.

So, for reasons that don't need exploring at this point, I decided to spend my evening looking up all the various federal political parties of Canada. I found a list here and have been working my way up.

Some of the parties have been pretty hit or miss (I find the Work Less Party of Canada intriguing) and some of them have horrible webpages or none at all, I feel that the Progressive Nationalist Party of Canada deserves a special mention. If you choose to click on that link, be prepared to be serenaded with "Age of Aquarius." Not only do they fail for having music embedded in their website, they also have the lyrics scrolling. In case, you know, you feel the need for sudden at home karaoke. *headdesk*

ETA: God, updating this post, because otherwise I'm totally going to be spamming my flist.

The People's Political Power Party of Canada
I was just checking out their policies and found this statement:
Our base rule is in every conflict, that if anybody loses nobody wins. There is always a solution to every problem where all will be happy.

Using that philosophy, the following key issues (in order of their importance to the party) should be easy to solve:
-Returning Value to Women (Women are valuable, since they're the only ones who can make babies)
-Resolving Issues Between the First Nation People, the People of Canada and the Churches
-Removing Poverty
-Bringing the Seventh Day Back as "Family Day"
-Dominishing Health Care Costs by 50% in 3 years (OMG, by bringing *hope* and eliminating *fear* we will be healed and hospitals will no longer overflow with sick people, also, taxes are what make old people sick *nods*)
-Eliminating the Welfare System
-Emptying the Prisons
-Ending the Nation’s Deficit & Achieving A Major Budget Surplus
There are more, but they're kind of hurting my brain. *god*
-Oh, and look, The racist Nationalist Party of Canada (their membership/support button actually says "Get your constitutional racist state citizenship card" *headdesk*)
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