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Insomniatic Thoughts

So, since I spent a lot of time in bed last night not sleeping my thoughts ended up turning where they seem to spend most of their time these days: Terminator.

The One Where Cameron is a Sex Bot
So last night before going to bed, I read King of Wishful Thinking by [info]margarks. Which had me thinking that, really, all fandoms, hell, all pairings, really need a Pretty Women fusion fic. Which of course had me thinking of a John/Cameron fic.

Except I still want Cameron to be a machine. That's one thing that can annoy me about some of the John/Cameron fics out there. I mean, I totally believe that Cameron has some emotions, but not like humans do. So when I read fic where she's basically a normal girl it drives me nuts.

So my Pretty Woman fusion idea kind of changed to one set post-war where John is like, King of the world and they've managed to reprogram all the machines so that they obey humans and just do menial tasks. Cameron can be a sex bot that is sent to John. :P

This fic would feature jealous Cameron, and them slowly falling in love. Then Cameron would start a pitch to John about machine equal rights. Explaining that assigning menial tasks to these highly intelligent machines is what set them off in the first place, and really there needs to be some give and take in order to avoid another war. I'm not sure how the fic would end, but I'm leaning towards John eventually being outcast by the new government when he tries to speak up for machine rights. Then he and Cameron go off a start a colony somewhere. Or something.

The Numb3rs Crossover
I also had an idea for am SCC/N3 crossover where Skynet is after Charlie because he is going to be one of John's advisers in the future. Sarah and Cameron kidnap Charlie to protect him until they can kill the Terminator on his ass, meanwhile Don and his team are going nuts looking for him.
Tags: fandom: numb3rs, fandom: terminator, fic, plot bunny

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