Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Not the good kind of "Oh God"

I haven't heard back about the house yet. This post isn't about that.

I don't know if I've complained mentioned this on my journal yet or if it was just in emails, but my little sister is home for the summer. This kind of sucks because now there are 4 people sharing the 2 cars instead of just 3. I live out in the country, so for me to do pretty much anything, I need a car. I've been trying to coordinate getting together some time soon with my friends, but I can never get the car.

To add to that, my older sister is home for an extended weekend because her high school best friend is getting married and she's throwing a bridal shower for her. Here. Tomorrow. We're currently all cleaning and decorating. Actually my sister and mom are fighting right now (awkward), so I'm hiding in my room (supposedly cleaning) with my phone beside me in case the real estate agent calls.

So, if my offer is accepted, I have to sign or counter offer or whatever is required tomorrow. While there's a party going on in the house. Bad weekend to try and buy a house eh? But wait, it gets better.

My Nana won a local business of the year award that she doesn't know about yet. She finds out at a dinner tomorrow. So after the bridal shower, we're driving down to my Nana's for a celebration party that starts at 10pm. Since that parties so late, we're going to be staying the night, but I'm heading back to Ottawa first thing Sunday morning. If I don't get the house tonight, I'm going to be checking out another batch on Sunday. If not, well, who knows. diurnal_lee, kronos999 and I had all talked about getting together, but we never really firmed things up. Depending on how things go, I might poke them both tomorrow to see if they're still interested.

Oh god, it's been a couple hours, why haven't they called back yet about the house? I don't know if I can take this much longer!

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