Paraka (paraka) wrote,


So. I'm sick. I've been sick for the past couple days. Snotty nose, dizziness, headache. But work is so busy right now, I really didn't feel I could take any time off so I've really been looking forward to this weekend where I can just veg.

I think I'm just going to spend it watching TV. I still haven't finished Merlin. And I watched the pilot of Being Human this week and kind of want to watch the show now. The premise is amazing and I loved to pilot, but I'm so disappointed that they didn't keep Guy Flanagan for the show, he was one of the awesomest parts of the pilot. I watched the pilot and though "OMG, Mitchell is so like Brian Kinney, George reminds me of Rodney, and the premise is kind of like Supernatural, it's like all my favourite fandoms rolled into one!" Now I'm all nervous and prepared to hate the new Mitchell. :S
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