Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Why do I get myself into these things....

So, this weekend when I was away with kronos999 and matchsticks we all decided we were going to give up fanfic for 30 days or until we accomplished a specific goal. Are we crazy? Why yes, yes we are, very much so. But we all also have long lists of fannish things we'd like to make but never seem to get them done (hums *that* song) because there's shiny fic sitting *right* *there* calling to us.
Anyways they both have to write up the rough draft of their spn_j2_bigbang. I have to make a vid. I only promised lilithilien this vid 2 *months* ago... :S

But man this is *hard*. I totally failed yesterday at not reading fics. But! We were supposed to have Monday to read fic, but I had to work and then came home and did a bunch of other fandom stuff so didn't actually get any fic reading done. And yesterday I had major cramps and there's really not much you're able to do while curled in the foetal position so in my mind I'm ok. But there may have to be some intervention phone calls in the future. I've done a pretty good job of avoiding vidding so far. I've cleaned up some of my tabs, am back to being just a week behind on my flist and right now, I'm actually reading through the metafandom links I have up (I'm still on the Merlin stuff from thingswithwings post, I haven't even touched the cultural appropriation stuff yet). I somehow doubt this was what we mean when we started this, but hey, it's fandom stuff I've been wanting to get off my plate for a while now! Now if only I could get through watching all the vids that I have up... maybe *watching* vids will give me the push to start making some of my own.
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