Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Ottawa Peeps

So, I'll make a post about my Montreal trip and it's total awesomeness later when I can steal pics off matchsticks but at the moment I'm looking forward to next weekend.

As some of you know, raxhel is coming down and I totally want her to meet the ottawa_slashers. At first I was thinking of inviting people over to my house on Saturday but now I'm thinking that might be too difficult because of the driving that would need to be coordinated.

My current plan is to make an announcement on the comm about an impromptu meet up on Saturday for dinner, and then, those of you on my flist who are interested are invited back to my place to spend the night if they'd like (after spending the weekend with kronos999 and matchsticks this seemed like a totally awesome plan). That way if some people just want to hang out for an hour they can, or they can fangirl for hours :P

I was about to make an announcement to the ottawa_slashers comm when I realize, I have no idea where we should do dinner on Saturday. I mean, Saturday is pretty busy for restaurants, and I want a place where we can sit down and squee. Does anyone on my flist have any suggestions?
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