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So I'm back home after a week in Florida. Things went well, although I realized just how out of shape I am. I'm really going to have to start exercising for Europe. Quick breakdown:
Friday: I went to work really early so I could leave early, but ended up leaving at my normal time anyways trying to get things wrapped up. I had to stop make a stop on my way home to pick up some paperwork for the trip, so we were later leaving than we planned, then ended up wasting an hour and a half because we left without the paperwork I had taken the time to pick up. *headdesk* Anyways, we made it to Mississauga where we stayed the night.

Saturday: We headed out at 5am with my sister and brother-in-law and basically spent the whole day driving. I read much fanfic. :D We stopped for the night in South Carolina.

Sunday: Drove the rest of the way, got in around 4 and checked out the awesome house we were renting. My older sister and nephew flew into Florida, lucky them.

Monday: It was kind of a rainy day so we decided we'd do something indoors. This is our 3rd time to Florida, and each time we've gone I always ask to go to the Kennedy Space Center, and every time, I'm told no. This time my mom finally gave in and said we could go. So of course, we got horribly lost and actually ended up at Daytona Beach. *headdesk* Yes I know they're not actually all that close to each other, I did say "horribly" lost. And since the day was rainy we couldn't even really enjoy the beach, although there is a video of me running down the beach chasing a whole lot of sea gulls....

Tuesday: Disney! And it was a really quiet day, the longest we had to wait in line was maybe half an hour, most of the rides we could just walk up to. The only other time I had gone to Disney was in 2001, just after 9/11 and everything was pretty deserted because people were afraid to travel. I was kind of afraid to go back and have to wait in huge lines, like is more normal, and have that memory ruined, but this time was actually better. Very few line ups at all.

Wednesday: We went to SeaWorld. It was a really, really, *really* cold day, which kind of sucks since we got wet. (Yeah, just our luck that the week we go to Florida they're experiencing record lows in temperature).

Thursday: We did some shopping. Which I didn't actually care for at all. My sister was all excited about going to outlet malls, but well, I'm not really a brand name type of person, so paying $150 for a purse, even if it originally cost $500 still feels way to expensive to me. And none of the clothing stores seemed to have plus size clothing. So I walked away with 3 tank tops. That's it.

Friday: We went to Busch Gardens. We had so much fun last time we went, but this time wasn't as fun. It was still really nice, but we had seen most of it before, and I had been feeling kind of pukey the day before so I didn't go on any of the roller coasters.

Saturday: We dropped Jenn and Ethan off at the airport then set off ourselves. Rather than stopping for a night like we did on the way down we just booted it back to Mississauga. Everyone was very tired and cranky by the end of that trip let me tell you. I almost killed my mom when I took my turn driving she kept telling me to slow down, never mind that I was going 55 in a 70 zone.

Sunday: Since we only got to Mississauga at 5:30 in the morning we all went straight to bed but were back on the road for the rest of the trip by 11:30. At least this time we had lost half our passengers so the van wasn't as full. I spent most of the time watching vids on my laptop. We pulled over and did a frantic search for my Dad's cell phone at one point finally finding it in a bag of chips. :S My mom's trying to blame my dad for this one, but she was the last one to use the phone, so I think it's her fault.

And randomly, I started watching the Torchwood fic comm not too long ago, but I find myself hardly ever reading fic from it, since the author's who post there never seem to give very good descriptions for their fics. Case in point, today as I was catching up on my flist, there was one entry posted where the description is: "Title perhaps self explanatory" except the title is "Enemies?" That is not self explanatory! That tells me very little about what the fic is about! Give me some sort of reason to want to read your fic!
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