April 21st, 2012

NF-Baby w Mic

New Fandom?

So, I've basically been going insane for the past few weeks, trying to finish up the school semester. Podfic is one of the only things getting me through this past month. Which leads me to the purpose of this entry.

Dear Bandom friends (you know who you are Twitter peeps),

I hate you all1. *glares* I have been successfully avoiding bandom for 2 years now, ever since [personal profile] klb tried to convert me. But apparently knowing all the bandom podficcers on Twitter, I've learned a lot through osmosis. And when I asked for podfic recs 12 days ago on Twitter, I got some bandom recs (big surprise). I've now listened to about 40 hours worth of bandom podfic in the, like, 2 weeks since I asked for podfic recs.

I've really been enjoying listening to so much podfic. In the past I listened to podfic a lot at work, so would be listening on a computer. Since I went back to school I haven't had nearly as much podfic listening time since I wasn't at work with the podfic sitting there. But part of how I managed to listen to that much podfic (when really, I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off for school/work) is because I've finally started putting podfic on my mp3 player. It's pretty awesome being able to listen for the 10 minutes between classes, in the car, while cooking dinner, while falling asleep, etc.

I've come to the realization that, you know how a lot of non-podfic listeners say they don't listen because they can read faster? That is totally not true for me. I can listen to a podfic soooo much faster than I can read the fic. Like, I'm sure if I were to read the equivalent of that 40 hours I've gone though, it would have taken me at least 5X as long.
I've also realized that I would happily substituted all my fic reading for podfic listening (well, except, how would I ever find fic to record myself then? Hmmm, dilemma).

But, yes, I've got a foot in the door for bandom now and am trying to enjoy that new fandom love, by consuming all the awesome things (which is such a nice relief after struggling for months to find things I want to read in AI fandom - though, it is weird to see Adam showing up in bandom things. In one story he was even the bad guy! :P).

1 Except not really, please send fic recs! (I don't really need podfic recs; at this point I'll probably listen to them all. I've been trying to contain myself to MCR and really like the stories where they're fighting for a greater good or something [Like I Gave Been All Things Unholy or The Fall and Rise of the Black Parade]. Please and thank you!).